Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sims 3 University Life: Trailer, Pics, and thoughts!

Official Trailer:

University Life official forum section:

You may click the pics for a bigger view...
University is here! Heck, I'm still exploring Seasons! WTH?! 0_o More stuff after the jump!

Sooo it's that time again. I'm a little overwhelmed with all these eps coming out and not super thrilled about it like I was for the other eps, but I do like some of the stuff I see. For you lazy people who didn't watch the trailer, here's my observations again. Basically stuff I noticed. :P
It looks like we will be getting book bags. No not decorative ones, but ones they can actually use. Then a sketch/notepad. And is that a new kiss I see? I also wonder what the sim laying on ground in back is doing. Hmmm....

Beer pong! Or nectar pong in this case. 

Kegs and keg stands. Bonfires and the llama mascot makes a return.

Chalk boards and lectures....zzzz.

Graffiti!!! I also love her hair. :)

Tailgate parties.


Dorms, a bull horn and some college theme decor. Also a fold up bed from what I saw in the video. Be nice if they reworked apartments.

Bowling!!! OMG!

An open cafe or coffee house. Maybe open restaurants?

Vending machines! :D

And elders can go to college now. Interesting!

As for other stuff, I saw streaking, dumpster diving, organized protest and more careers. I think that's about it. I think...

As for stuff listed on the official page that stood out to me...

-"Learning is more fun than ever with new major-specific objects, from broadcasting your own radio show as a Communications student to assembling your skeleton as a Science major."

-"There are three social groups on campus—the nerds, the rebels, and the jocks. Socializing with members of each group offers its own unique advantages, from unlocking dream jobs to an extra trait."

-"Reach the top job in your career path more easily with faster promotions and a higher entry-level job for university grads. If your Sim becomes a legend with their social group, they may even land a dream job as an art appraiser, sports agent, or video game developer!"

-From striking out at the bowling alley to flirting with the barista at the Roasted Toasted Beans to browsing comic books at the Keith’s Komics, there’s a whole new town and campus full of places to explore.

I really like the social groups as we need more stuff focusing on the sims themselves. Love the majors and possible new jobs too. Very cool! I also like the comic book store, because it's a freaking comic book store!!!! As for anything else, I really want book bags. I had CC ones, but it just wasn't the same. Then the notepad is a definite want for my artist and writing sims. Oh and vending machines! I have cc ones of those too, but it's just for looks. OMG, but graffiti and bowling is just too awesome!

My only concerns is that all the new parties will confused the game even more (pool parties in the snow anyone), that the game is full of made over stuff/not much new, and that we can only get certain jobs via a degree. I also hope it's not another WA that got old really fast with school work and requirements being added. Then with the open neighborhoods, I hope students have the option to live at home. Then it's the glitches! You know it will be glitches! 

I just feel very overwhelmed seeing all this so soon though! After that massive ep that was Seasons, I'm all tuckered out! I also can't see my computer handling anymore, so I'm kind of bummed. Maybe I'll have a new one by March. I did enjoy Sims 2 for a couple weeks, so we'll see.

Also a rumor going around the forums, is the next ep? Island Paradise with mermaids? Don't tell me we getting two eps back to back again. I don't know if I can take anymore.

Oh and watch the video lazy people! I can't spot everything!!! xD

P.S. No new lifeform or creature from what I gathered. Well I didn't see any.


  1. During the live broadcast earlier in the week, they announced this years whole line up. After the college ep there will be Island Paradise to be released in June. To sum that one up, the producer said you will be able to run your own resort, have a boat house, and go underwater! After that one, will be a time travel expansion. They haven't decided on a name.

    Here is a link to the broadcast:

    1. Oh my! I totally missed that! 0_0 Wow well that cleared up some of my questions. Interesting. Now I'm feeling a bit more excited! Agh so much stuff! :o

      I think this is probably the most detailed live chat I've seen. Thank you Monie. :)


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