Monday, January 7, 2013

I told you I was going live here! *dances to cheesy island music in head*

See! :P LOL Finally decided to test out Sunlit Tides with my simself. I'm already getting bored with myself, so I'll probably use another sim soon. lol I kind of need story in my head to enjoy the experience. Definitely a bore as well when they are no hot townies around!

Anyway, vacation time! Oh how I envy her! >_>

 My first time having a sim swim in the ocean. Squeee!

Then after realizing I only had 33 dollars, I decided to work for once and try out the Private Eye career.
 Look miss we need money, not silly faces!
 Some scenery pics....

 My favorite...

 That's how I usually look when I have skates on...

 Just another case...
 Yummy french fries...

That's about it for now. Ahhhh relaxing....zzzzz. Laterz.


  1. Ah that looks very relaxing :)

    Sunlit Tides makes a great holiday destination. Seems such a shame to have to do work there.

    1. Ikr. I was tempted to cheat and have my sim live in lap of luxury, but then I figure it would get really boring fast.

      It is quite relaxing though. Made me wish I was there. lol


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