Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm hosting a vampire competition. Come lurk!

I'm back hosting my own competitions on the forums. It's been awhile since I've last hosted my own. I took a long break, because I felt like I've about exhausted every idea. Then I started binge watching True Blood on HBO Demand recently and the ideas started coming. I've never done a vampire competition before, so it's definitely something new for me. You would think I would of done one by now with my love of vamps, but I could never really think up any fresh ideas for a vampire competition till now. With True Blood, I got a bunch of ideas just from the concept of it. So I started a competition called....
Sign-ups lasted for a day or two before the freaking thing filled up to the max. The whole list of 15! WTH?! I'm still amazement that I got that many sign-ups so fast. I got 12 models and 3 reserves at moment. If anyone is interested, they'll going have to wait to see if anyone misses the reserved deadline of the 10th or wait for a possible 2nd cycle.

But if you're ok with lurking, then come lurk and say hi. We don't bite. ;P

As for anything else, I got this cool siggie...
I had it for min, but I never mentioned it here. I was a nominee in Sim modeling awards 2014 for best judge. Still kinda stunned I was even nominated.

Speaking of judging, I'm also judging LE's latest Simiverse. I know I seem like I'm busy, but I'm not. I have no life, so I have time for these things. lol

Going re-install Dragon Valley and give my vamps a dragon egg, so less modeling talk and more simming pics soon.  


  1. Ah, great! I'll have to go take a look at that thread and see everyone's vampires! Love 'True Blood', it is one of my many guilty pleasures. :)

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