Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hipster been cancelled, but I have my Assignment 1 and Bonus entry...

I figure I might as well post this. A lot went into it.
 Sup y'all! On vacation living it up big in Cali for Coachella with my boyz! We totally crashed this one fancy party that was going on near by. We were so wasted! It was awesome! Babes everywhere. Ethan puking on some random chick. He sooo didn't get her number! HA! The only bummer was the security! He wouldn't even take a bribe from Reggie. He kicked us out! Lame! Oh well. Onto the next party. Laterz! #vacation #festivalparties #partyinglikerockstars #wasted

Dear Followers Bonus #1 - Spring Celebrations
'Dear Followers this spring I'm stuck in a stuffy classroom with a bunch runny nose brats dressed as the Easter rabbit. I'm doing it as a favor to my mom. Man this sucks. If only I hadn't dented her car! #spring #lame #moms

It always sucks when comps get cancelled or die off. Especially when you done the assignment! So much work for nothing. :(

The host has some rl issues though, so that's more important. I hope her and her family will be ok.


  1. Aw, that's a shame, Vid. Maybe they could postpone the competition and re-start it when RL settles down a little.

    I like your assignments. They have a sunny look with the bright colours. And that looks like quite a party :P

    1. I think they mention they might re-start it at some point maybe, but who knows when that will be. I guess I'll still be in the mood for comp pics then. I also notice 2 of the other comps I'm in are slowing down too. I'm going be REALLY upset if they die out or get cancelled before I get scores for them. :(

      But thank you. I'm glad you like them. I wanted to do something colorful and funny for both pics. The first pic was a pain, because EA daylight lighting sucks for pics. I'm surprise I got it to look that good. It was extremely hard and annoying to get it to look like they were partying too. Overall boths pics were worth it, because they make me laugh every time I look them. Hopefully another comp similar to it will open up and allow my party animal to party some more ;P


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