Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roxie is home

She's home and she has a lovely e-collar/cone/lamp shade on her head again. She looks so miserable. She would totally fit into one of the sad dog spca commercials. lol The cone this time is a lot smaller than the previous one and fits her better, so I don't have take it off as much. Don't have to watch her as much like last time either. Of course she occasionally tricks me into taking it off, but I put right back on her without thinking.

I think the only thing that's going be a real issue is sleep. She woke us up 5 am in the morning last night. Was such fun. -_-  *sigh* 2 weeks of this and the cone will be gone at least. Just gotta get to that point....

When she's sleep one of these days, I'm totally going play my game. Been awhile.

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