Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Huh?!! What?! Speak louder!

For 3 freaking days I've been dealing with the agony of a clogged up right ear. I've done everything to get it to pop. I've cleaned almost every once of wax out of it. I've blew my nose really hard. I've shook my head. I've done everything. I can't work or do anything in these conditions! IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!

As for the other medical case, Roxie is doing fine. Next week she should be getting her staples out. Then we may be able to take the cone/ear collar off. Ironically she had ear infection too before this. Did she give it to me somehow? Oh the irony of it all if it turns out I now have an ear infection. I have my own appointment this Wednesday coming, but that's quite awhile to wait with an slightly achy ear with muffle hearing. 

Ugh sorry. I just can't hold in my frustration and crankiness. I want to play my game and do all kinds fun crap right now, but I can barely concentrate. Part of me wants to cry like a big ass baby. :(

Update: I can hear you!!!!! My ear is pretty much back to normal. :P


  1. Aw, I hope your ear infections goes away. It can feel so horrible to have something like that. I am struggling slightly with sinus problems from summer allergies at the moment - feels like my head if full of glue!

    At least Roxie Coneface is doing OK. I hope she can get rid of her silly hat soon!


  2. Hey Caspin! Yeah my allergies have been really bad too. I've been taking allergy meds more than I usually do and it's really hard to find one that doesn't knock me out. >_< I think my clogged up ear was due to a slight sinus infection or really bad allergies. I took cold medicine with a decongestant and it started clearing up. My ear finally feels normal today. I can't stand it when my ear clogs from just wax for a day or two, but a week of that was horrible. It felt like it was filled water.

    I hope your sinus issues let up. Definitely an unpleasant feeling.

    Ms. Conehead is still doing fine. Her appointment is actually Tuesday and mines is Wednesday. I keep getting it mixed up. >_< Her wound looks great now! She's also acting more like herself now, which can be problematic since she's ball of energy. lol She's even using the leg a little. She should back running and jumping if she keeps that up. :D


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