Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TS4 continues to flop! No pools and no toddlers confirmed!

I'm not going lie. I find it all freaking amusing! WTF is left in this game? No CASt. No open worlds. Loading screens. Now no pools or toddlers. What's left? It's such a sad sack of a game, it's funny! What a whale of a fail! Here's the proof:
Which means no toddlers at all. No mix of babies and toddlers either. Toddlers have been killed off completely. Babies will just grow up into children now. Wow awkward much? I've grown to love toddlers and yes they can be annoying, but they're a needed life stage. EA response to the outrage:
Translation: Blah blah blah we f**** up, but here's hoping you still buy it. Answering questions isn't our style.

As for pools, I'm sure they make you pay extra for it in an ep. That's their style too. Anything for a buck.

But let's call a spade a spade. The game is a total downgrade! The TS4 fourm is filled with angry threads. Even some diehard TS4 fans are revolting! I can't see this being much of an success. I can't even see myself buying it for jokes and funnies or for sale. If EA would like to hold on to what's left of their dignity, they should delay the game now and wait to release an a proper TS4 next year. They won't I'm sure. Actually I don't think this is the end of disappointing news. The fact that we know so little means a lot. Be prepare for more EA fail and more ramblings about emotions. 


  1. They've managed to short circuit the "there's nothing to do in the pool", the "why isn't there any decent swimwear" and the "toddlers have nothing to do" problems of the TS3 base game. I suspect toddlers and pools will be added later when they can make you pay extra for an EP.

    They can spin it any way they like but it's fairly obvious that this has happened because they just aren't ready.

    1. Yeah I think they're rushing and throwing anything together now, because the original game was probably going be strictly based online. I'm pretty sure they don't even have a video of actual gameplay, because they the game is that unfinished. It might even be riddled with glitches by time it comes out, which wouldn't be surprising at all.

      The toddlers and pool is insane though. Either they ran out of time to put them in or they're that greedy and want $40 eps off them. Probably both, but what a stupid risk to take. Horrible marketing too. It seems like they're naming what's not in the game more than what's in it really.

  2. I've grown weary of TS4 and it hasn't even been released yet.

    Every few minutes someone uploads a YouTube video to complain about some TS4 news - or to complain about complainers complaining about complainers complaining. It's dull. Maybe the OTT emoting we've been shown in the game is seeping out of the internet, infecting the players and making them act crazy.

    If I have to read one more article about the "emotions" or see another sim made in the new "intuitive" CAS I might go totally mad.

    For all TS3's faults, I'll be quite happy with my toddlers, pools, CASt and non-psychedelic trees for the foreseeable future.

    1. LOL Yeah if I hear emotions and intuitive one more time I might go mad with you!

      I've been avoiding the complaining and the complaining about complaining, but I must admit the outrage at EA on the officials is quite amusing. I don't think I've seen this many simmers mad at EA ever and they quite deserve the backlash.

      I myself am glad I get to save my money for other games and save my memory space for TS3. We don't have to worry about missing anything really from the looks of it.

      Well with no toddlers in TS4, I guess I should dedicate my gameplay to all things toddlers with my legacy game. I should have them visit the pools too and yes I'll appreciate the trees so much more now. :)


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