Sunday, June 15, 2014

The drama llama never ceases to amaze me. Even in comps...

Can I enjoy my comp without drama for once. I had to give someone a choice to either explain wtf was behind their pic, redo it or be disqualify today. Yes the first time I ever thought of disqualifying someone in my comp. They got pissed at me for not reading their weird mind and dropped. Their picture has been deleted, but my reaction to it was.....

And the general reaction from both competitors and judges was...
So yeah I think I made the right decision. 

lol  Just when I thought I've seen and been through everything. It's funny now, but geez. Some people.


  1. What was the assignment and what was their picture about? lol

    1. lol I peaked your curiosity.

      It was for my vampire comp on the officials and the assignment called "Blood lust" was to show off their vampires in a sexy picture and dress them in equally sexy suggestive outfits or lack of outfit. Then for bonus points they could add one mortal extra. This person had a male model and had them dress in leather clad underwear, but they chose a child as their extra. A child! The child wasn't posing sexually, but one has to wonder why a person would use a child sim in a picture conveying lust and sex. So yeah it didn't go over very well. >_>

    2. Oh wow! lol Yeah, not so cool. Maybe they were going for an Interview with a Vampire thing?? o.O

    3. Actually that was their explanation and it does makes sense in crazy weird sort of way, but it still was really odd and tasteless. It's also not the first time he's done a weird pic like that and made everyone feel uncomfortable. He was in the Seeing Double Twin comp I'm in. The assignment was to show a shared life event for his twins. My entry for example was showing my twins moving in together and another contestant show hers graduating. He had his twin sisters in a couple pose in bed....together with one holding a cigerette. You can go from there. -_- So I can't help, but think he's not entirely innocent in his pic ideas you know? TBH I think he's trolling along with competing.

      Anyway, where are my matters?! Hey! *glomps* Nice to see you're still around. :)


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