Wednesday, June 18, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Assignment 7 Scores ✦

Tied for 2nd: Vid with Alex and Alan
A7- Photobooth
Oh yay the original size fits this post. :)

Luce Says:
19/20 Styling
8/10 Creativity
10/10 Requirements Met
8/10 Quality
17/20 Twin Cohesiveness
Love the photos, Vid! The boys look super happy and summery! I like the styling however I’m not a fan of the typography you’ve done.

Piffle Says:

Yeah that's it for scores. We're lucky to get any scores with how things been going. The host seems busy lately.

Anyway, this assignment was so much fun to do! I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull it off at first. 4 pics and 4 pair of poses can be a lot, but I did it! :D Finding 4 set of poses wasn't easy, but it wasn't too bad. One of the poses is even an in-game interaction, so I just had to find 3. I think the styling was the most annoying part. CAS is slow and it's not many choices for men when it comes to clothes. I ended up downloading some cc shirts and making the best of them. I did at first plan to make Alex (on the left) shirt green, but I didn't want them to look like Christmas colors with green and red. I figure light blue and red would be safer and could always just make my planned blue background a dark blue. When I finally finished in CAS, I moved them into a empty house. Colored the walls accordingly and went to work.

I tested all the poses beforehand. Even the in-game ones as I wasn't sure if I could get 2 good poses out of any of the traits or interactions. When I did get around to doing the actual shoot I knew what poses I was using. I even shot extra pictures with different poses just in case. I end up using all the original shots, but it was nice having backups in case one of the poses looked stupid or wonky. I think the longest part of that process was waiting on the 3rd shot. I made them talk to themselves about 3 or 4 times with the insane trait to get that shot. I wanted a picture of them looking like they were interacting with each other in a silly manner and oddly enough it worked. The last shot and poses are my favorite though. Those poses came from a couple pose pack, but it looked tame enough to use for my siblings. It came out looking really cute!

I think my only regret is the font at the bottom. I didn't really know what to put there or what kind of font to use for it, so I went with something cheesy and summery. I should of took my time to make up my mind about that.

The next assignment is the finale. I tend to suck at finales, because the pressure of them scares me and they usually consist of more than one pic. Unfortunately I have to do 3 pics all together. Part 1 requires a family photo of them when they were younger and to recreate that family photo with them grown up. That sounds hard! Part 2 is simple and just wants a GAP clothing AD. I don't look forward to part 1. Sure I could make it easier on myself and not include extras, but I have to go out with gusto and lots of poses. D: Part 2 is going be easy, but who knows how much patience I'll have after I'm done with part 1. It's bad enough my creativity is not at it's best right now. *sigh* Wish me luck! I'm going need it!

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  1. Good luck with the finale. I'm sure it will turn out fine.

    I like this one with the photobooth. I think you were right not to go with the green shirt - they would have looked totally Christmasy! Instead they do look like they're having a fun time in the summer.


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