Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: A carousel and a birthday girl!

Whaaaat? A legacy update?
Yep I haven't forgot or given up. I've been cooped up in the kitchen playing my Nintendo DS a lot lately again since Roxie can't roam the house. She got her staples out and the cone/e-collar is gone, but they don't want her running or playing still. Anyway, I have 2 more badges to go on Pokemon Y and lots of awesome pokemon. I also gave Harvest Moon: New Beginnings another chance and I'm deeply addicted to it now. It picked up a lot. The next game I'll get will be the new Ace Attorney game with Professor Layton. ;)

Anywhoooo back on topic.....
 I wonder what she got for a text. Looks like her eyes are bulging out of her head!

Mother and son spent quality time together at the spring festival.

 While dad stayed home and took care of baby Katherine. 
Unfortunately Nicolas has been up to his usual pranks and mayhem. Hmmm...Henry might not look bad as a blonde.
 Daniel also took time to help out.
 With the purchase of the carousel set, I decided to send the boys out to play.
 They also dinned on cotton candy.

 Woah it's as big as his head!
 Who the hell left an tv dinner outside on the ground?!
 Sleepy gnome.
 Katherine been a little lava baby for awhile now. It's birthday time!

 She's now a toddler with nothing, but a diaper. lol
 The boys ate cake, while their sister dressed in something more cuter.
 There we go. Much better. Someone looks like daddy. I was hoping for a mini Kat with blonde hair, but meh oh well. I think it would be against basic legacy rules to change her hair color so drastically, so I'll go with it. :P
 Hehe cute.
 She's already bonding with big brother Nic.
The next birthday should be Daniel's. If so, I get to finally see him as YA and this will literally be the first time I've seen a sim grow up from baby to an adult. Very exciting! 

I'm also thinking about moving them to Dragon Valley, but I kind of like the connections they have in town. I'll think about it. 


  1. Ahahaha enjoy your Nintendo in the kitchen lol! Poor Roxie must wonder what on earth is going on. My brother plays Ace Attorney when we're on holiday. It freaks me out when he suddenly starts shouting "objection"!

    Anyway, great to see an update from your legacy. I'm glad it is still going on. Interesting to see the carousel set. That cotton candy (we call it "candy floss" here) is truly massive!

  2. Thank ya. Yeah I've been stuck in the kitchen a lot, but now that's she feeling better I'm getting to sneak away more. She probably is wondering why she always stuck in the kitchen now. I'll be so glad when she can be free to run around and play. Her next apt is coming up, so maybe soon.

    Haha I remember you telling me about your brother playing that game. He probably doing that on purpose, because I always just use the buttons. Don't really have the nerve to yell it really. My family might really think I lost it then. :P

    Hopefully once I get all my comps pics out the way, I'll play again and post another update. I'm really excited to see Daniel grow up into YA. The size of the cotton candy or candy floss as you call it made me laugh. It's so big. The carousel is cute. I wish I had enough patience to build a theme park with that and the rollercoaster. Hmmm...the next related store item should be a ferris wheel. :)


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