Friday, June 13, 2014

Meh TS4 Official Trailer

*I've started watching GoT by the way*
*yawn* How boring. Haven't we seen all this stuff before. I wish I had left the sound muted, because that was painfully boring and corny. 

They did show that kids exist in the game.
No toddlers or babies tho. I see they redesigned the the thought bubbles. They look really stupid now floating so far from the head.

I'm still not impressed. It looks no different from what we have now and the graphics look cheesy. I'm also hearing a rumor that the open world being split up into districts. *sigh* This game seems so freaking pointless. Seriously can someone please tell me how TS4 is any better than 3? The more that comes out about it, the more it seems like a ripoff. 

And who the hell designed the hair in this game? Seriously EA? Were you smoking something when you made that fugly lego hair?!


  1. And it's sounds like there'll be no rabbitholes so Sims just go to work by disappearing off the edge of the screen. Did they just dust off Sims 2 and polish it up with graphics they found on the app store? Hmmm.

  2. LOL I thought the same thing. It's like they dug up TS2 and just remade it with slightly better graphics.

    Having some rabbitholes did suck, but I'll take them over disappearing off the edge or having to wait for load screen again.

    I see no huge improvements at all. Nothing worth 60 or 70 bucks!

  3. The thing I find weird is the colouring in the world. Those pink trees look like they are straight out of a Katy Perry stuff pack and the grass is green but with garish mustard tones. I find it really ugly and yet some find it "vibrant". To each his own, I suppose.

    1. Yeah everything looks strange and plastic. The trees look weird and the grass looks radioactive. Maybe TS4 is set near to a nuclear plant, because everything strangely glows and looks oddly colored. xD

    2. I want to say "colour by Disney" but that's not quite it. Too candy coloured for me anyway.


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