Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another surgery for Roxie :/

I've been meaning to blog about Roxie and her upcoming surgery, but I been putting it off I guess. If you haven't been reading my c-box, we took Roxie to back to the vet and we finally got Dr. Allen from before to fully look her over. She still limping on her other back leg and we had tried waiting to see if it would get better on it's own, but it didn't. *sigh* Well to make a long story short, she needs the same $2,500 surgery like last time as we suspected. Dr. Allen said this usually happens if the dog has preposition for it and it's quite common. He also said that she could of been just walking when it happened, which would explain why she just randomly started limping for no reason. We had no clue how she hurt it upon visiting him.

The surgery did go up $3000, but he let us go with the same price we had last time. Thank goodness. I'm also throwing my money into pot this time. I saved every single paycheck from my job at k-mart. I almost had enough to pay for the whole thing actually, but I'm only paying part of it. My dad is paying part and my grandmother paying the rest, which isn't much. She paid for most of it last time, so we're trying to make sure we cover most of it this time. I do think my dad plans to pay me back though. He doesn't have to, but I'm sure he will. I practically had to beg them both to take my money for this. lol

So we're going do it all over again. I'm so thrilled. NOT. Roxie also is really thrilled. lol She's probably going be like WTF. Oh well return of the cone head. >_<

On positive note, Dr. Allen has a new hairstyle and it looks great on him. I look forward to seeing him now that I have excuse again. What fun! ;)

P.S. In case, you're confused or just started reading my blog. Roxie, my dog had ACL/tore ligament in her left leg a year before (around holiday time 2012) and required surgery, but she now needs the same surgery on her other back leg for the same issue.

I also don't know why I said 1200 in my older post, but it all came $2500 when we were finished. Can't help, but remember. -_-

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