Monday, November 12, 2012

My poor baby :(

Yet another hurdle to jump over! Now my dog (Roxie) may need surgery. She tore her ACL jumping on and off of beds last night playing. Now her right back leg is all wrapped up and she's limping really bad. They going see if the pain medicine and soft cast is going work, but they are pretty much betting she will need surgery.

Ugh now I feel bad about leaving her tomorrow with the new meds. She threw up as soon we got in the house from whatever they gave her in the back. I hope it wasn't from the pills they gave us. Blah, my speech is tomorrow. I don't know what to do. Go I guess...or reschedule? I just feel so bad leaving like she is. :/
Well I guess things could be worse. It always can be worse. So I just hope they can fix it. Be nice if they could fix it with just the cast, but I don't think it's going be that easy. The surgery is about thousand, but she's worth it. Just with Xmas and stuff, it's going be hard. *sigh* Send your good vibes and stuff to her. :(


  1. aw poor baby :(
    hopefully she gets fixed up with no complications. aww

  2. Aw thanks guys. *glomps* :) She's a bit better today. She played a little, so that's a plus. Either way I'll do my best to take care of the little fuzz ball. <3


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