Monday, November 26, 2012

Update on Roxie. My excuse to play hooky today...

Hooky from school that is. I know I'm bad, but Roxie had an very important appointment anyway with a top notch and kind of cute surgeon.  

Well after the kennel cough incident last year with my original vet, we stupidly decided to give them another chance and we didn't think it would be that bad of injury anyway. It was also close by and we were in hurry at the time. Sooo they were ones who did diagnoses and bandaging, but for some reason I unsettling feeling about them doing the surgery after their little mistake.  Fast forward to Saturday morning and I kept wondering why the heck was Roxie leg all red and raw looking. She kept licking it and I decided to give it a closer look while she was chilling on my bed. Well being the overly protected loving owner I am, I made fuss about it and we ran to the ER with her. This ER also happen to be the same hospital who corrected the mistake with the kennel cough.

Well they made us pay 86 dollars just to see her, but they took the bandage off and told us we didn't need it really. That it was kind unnecessary and irritable for skin. Funnily enough we paid 80 dollars for that too at the other vet and it was freaking useless! Anyway, I had them check her out for another 2nd opinion and they said the same thing pretty much. They also showed us actual diagrams and different surgery types. Way different from the other vet who did none of this. Didn't even know it was different surgeries for an ACL injury. So after they checked her out fully, we all agreed that she would be better off getting the surgery there. They were voted the best in the city, so it sounds like a good choice.

Now today was our first time meeting the surgeon. I've seen him before on the news showing off animals, so dude knows his stuff. I mention seeing him before too and he was humble/embarrassed about it. Hehe, it was kind of cute. Yes he's kind of young. My father was there so that kind of ruined it though. Plus I don't want him adding extra charges on my bill for sexually harassing him. (kidding) LOL In all seriousness, he showed x-rays of her leg and went through the best method for her. Said she won't have a cast either, because he wants her to move it around and not get stiff.

Now the painful part. It cost more than the original sucky vet. Roughly 2 thousand (2,300.00 and something). We going be digging for crumbs for this, but she's family and it's gotta be done. It also will be done right, so it's worth it. Won't be expecting any Xmas presents this year, but I got Seasons and that's all I need. We can seriously buy a car with that money though. I hope she's bionic after all this!

While I was in the vet though, I saw so many cute doggies. I got to rub a big golden retriever even. OMG it was huge, but his hair was so fluffy. ^_^

Then this man came in with a really sickly golden retriever though and the dog kept falling. It broke my heart seeing it. The man even start crying a bit. Had it for 13 years! They probably going have to put his poor pup down. It look that bad. I felt horrible for him. :(

*sigh* To end on a lighter note, the surgeon who will be working on Roxie can be seen in this vid. He comes on the news when the owner of the hospital, can't come. Was kind of cool seeing him in person. Was cutier in person too. ;)

Oh and the surgery will now be on 11th of next month. We're going drop her off in the afternoon. Ugh, I'm going be sad leaving her. :/

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  1. Woah that's expensive! Do you have pet insurance? Poor Roxie. At least she's getting the best treatment and, yes, that vet is very nice isn't he ;) Poor chicken in the video though. What an unfortunate chook!


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