Thursday, November 8, 2012

Busy again with barely anything left....

I feel like I'm running on fumes. Things keep piling up. I got math test tomorrow, a paper due on Saturday, and then our final paper due next Saturday! Then I gotta do a speech on Tuesday.  Someone please put me out of my misery!!!

I feel like sleeping and staying under my warn covers for the rest of the winter.

So about Speech class...

Bad news:  I missed out on first speech, which resulted in failed grade. I can partly blame the school for that with the dropout situation, but it was only my own decision to skip it. The requirements of making it up sound harder then the actual speech. Anyway, I've made up for it a bit with points being added here and there.

Good News: I'm more prepared this time for my 2nd speech! I have to do a informative speech on a social significant topic. Got it approved today actually. My teacher loved my topic, so I could get A if I do a good job! :) My topic is on Animals helping in heath care and in general health of humans. Basically things like therapy dogs and how pets can better your health. I thought of it one day while listing ideas for this speech and my dog just happen to be bothering me with one of her toys. She will literally come up to you, poke you with her nose, and then drop her toys on your feet. LOL Very cute, but it can be annoying sometimes. Crazy Dog! <3 Soooo I guess she can take some credit for it. Maybe I'll buy her something if I get a good grade. :P

Well right now, the paper is again my problem. I may ask for extension as he mention we could do that. It's just that I hate for me to be scrambling and rushing the final paper after that. Ugh I might end up getting a extension on both if possible. So stressed out!

I'm not even worried too much about the math test, but it would of been nice to skip tomorrow and work on my paper. Maybe get some sleep as well. *sigh* It's a nice thought, but I have to go for the test. Oh well.

And as I mention my dog habits of bothering me with toys, she just poked me and dropped a toy beside my chair. Perfect timing. xP

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