Friday, November 2, 2012

A Horrifying Pic Spam almost in time for Halloween!

zzzz...sims...zzz...*wakes up* 
I was sleepy earlier, but yeah I woke up. Did some work first and then push play on sims. Soo a late pic spam for Halloween! 

Be scared! 
Be very scared!
It's the newest pics of my SN household!

"Me hungry!"
"Who needs table manners!" 
 Every garden should have a cow plant!

 Aw Ethan finally changed back, but not for long.
 The Full Moon! Cue the freaky lighting...
 Hey let's visit the graveyard!
Henry: Looks interesting... 
 Meet some ghost.
 Scare defenseless women.
 And float on benches.

 Do the smustle already! I have yet to see them smustle. :/
 Well the full moon was over and we had a intruder still in the garden.
Be afraid mortal! You made Agatha angry!
 Bwhahaha I love toasting townies! 
Stay tune for more. Still gotta move Hippie and Cat in. Maybe this weekend. :)

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