Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Walking Dead: "Sick" and "Walk with me" ep thoughts

Break time from school work. lol Got A LOT thoughts since my last post. Decided to do the two recent ep's in one post. 
Spoilers Alert!!! Do not read pass this point!

Well since my last WD ramblings, all kinds of madness has happened and the show has split up the story between Rick's group and The Governor.

S3 Ep 2: "Sick" with Rick and co. was action pack and freaking awesome! My favorite ep so far. Loved how Rick stepped up and was freaking bad ass in this episode. You have officially got my attention Rick Grimes. Shane who?

Anyway, it was a lot good stuff packed into this one. One funny moment was the looks on Rick and co. faces as the prisoners went all prison riot on the zombies. They literally looked like "WTF?!" Classic!

Then the scene with the big guy (Big Tiny I think) getting killed by Tomas (the leader), the prisoner was super gross. lol I knew from the start Tomas was trouble and that totally confirmed that something was not right with the guy. He probably was a mass murderer or something. Well fortunately for Rick and unfortunately for the prison dude, Rick Grimes doesn't play nice anymore.

The big scenes of that ep definitely showed Rick has changed. I was so pissed when the prisoner leader, Tomas pushed a zombie on Rick. I was hoping he wouldn't take that s***. Well he definitely didn't! When he put an axe in the guy's head, I was like oh s*** Rick Grimes is in the building! F*** yeah! Then when he ran the other guy down and locked him outside, I died! I was like OMG this man is epic! *claps* Old Rick would have never done that! Finally bad ass Rick is here!!!

After all the excitement though, it ended with Rick and Lori talking. Dumbass Lori must be missing Shane by now, because Rick sure ani't into her anymore. Bwhahha he gave her the cold shoulder and some. He did said she was a good mom (a lie), but said nothing about her being a good wife. Then he put his hand on her shoulder and said the group thanks her. Not him, but the group and then he just left her standing there looking stupid. Muahaha well deserved for stupid cheating Lori! Keep it up Rick!

Next was S3 Ep 3 "Walk with me" with Michonne, Andrea, and the Governor.
I was a little worried this ep would be a bore without Rick and co., but it was interesting and it was a nice break from the regular. We finally got to see more of Michonne and meet the Gorvernor.

Well Michonne is ok and sorted cool. She got rid of the zombie pets, which was a relief for me! Sorry, but to me they were overkill along with the mysterious hood they got rid of. Anyway, I'm still waiting to see more from her. So far I know that she frowns a lot and isn't stupid when it comes to the Governor at least.

The most interesting out of all the new characters was the Governor! He's creepy and his town gives me A Stepford wife vibe. He is obviously going be the crazy want-to-be hero bad guy and it's obvious that something is f'd up about his town. Just figuring it out what and how he will meet up with Rick is what has me SUPER curious. I kind of had a feeling he would kill those soldiers for their guns. Well my grandmother guessed that. xD What I didn't see coming was the zombie aquarium! WTF is that about? Well it definitely proved my point of him being a total psycho. Too bad dumb Andre doesn't see it.

Merle surprised me a bit though. He seems a bit toned down and a "Yes man" to the Governor. Almost like a puppy. lol Then the Governor's group of men were interesting. They kind of remind of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine finds a group friends who are the exact opposite of Jerry and co., but they almost the same. Haha, kind of creepy. They even had a evil Glen! xD I can't wait for them to meet up.

-Merle will cause Daryl to rethink his place in the group or the two will be at odds when they meet again
-The town's people are scared of the Governor in some way. A huge secret will be revealed about the town and the Governor
-The Governor will try turn Rick's group against Rick. He will play mind games and make anyone against him look like the bad guy. Michonne too.
-Andre will fall for the Governor
-The Governor is either a ex cop or criminal. His background is definitely important. (just an idea)
-The jail siren is being controlled by either the Governor or Randall's group. (guessing)
-The Governor will hunt Rick's group down due to Andrea's big mouth (judging from the previews)

To add, I'm glad Hershel lived as I knew he would. Just wondering how's he's going get around. Can't wait see the next ep. Who the hell turned the siren on?!

P.S. Michonne reminds me of a girl in my English class. They look a lot alike. Seriously... lol

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