Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best phone call ever! Back to class!

Ahhhhhh I'm so happy! I felt like my life was partially ruined for 2 days now! I've been in a depressed stupor ever since Tuesday. Some of you might could tell from my chat box and such. So now that everything is all good and dandy now, I'll say it.

I was little late with my first payment for college and they dropped all my classes! To be honest with you I thought the payment wasn't due till this month and I didn't take it serious really. I had the money, but I didn't really even look at my payment sheet. Then I went to go pay it Tuesday and they told me they had dropped all 3 of my classes. Said it was no way of getting them back either and I would have to wait for the next year I think. I even had to pay the whole big bill still for all 3 semesters, so I was like "WTF"? They did this to over a 100 student for late payments though, so I wasn't the only dummy. Still I freaked out and my grandmother was upset. I was like "I did all this and I have to start over again next year?! Then I have to pay all of the money too?!" *dies*

I even felt embarrassed to show my face here. I made such a big f'ing deal about going to school, I was like how the hell am I going explain this one. Now I'm back sitting in the house doing nothing! *dies again*

Well I just got call and they told me everyone can come to class tomorrow. They gave me till the end of the month to pay the whole big bill, but I'm paying that crap tomorrow! OMG you don't know how happy that made me just now. LOL I guess it empty in there if it was over a 100. (told me the amount on the phone) xD

Agh now I have to play catch up and figure out how the heck I'm going do my speech since it was today. :/ Oh well, I learned my lesson. Next year I'm paying the whole thing as soon as I get in there. 0_o

P.S. I did get something done while I was out. My new glasses should be here next week. Excited. :D


  1. I know right. They definitely getting their money on time now. 0_o

    Heck, I paid the whole thing on time today and won't be doing payments ever. They getting the whole thing all at once next year too.

    To think I was almost a college dropout that fast for some money. Scary....

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