Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hmm..I still got it. Doing random stuff :)

Once upon a time before the internet became a daily activity for me and Sims came into my life, I use to draw. Ranging from doodles, tracings, and just random stuff. Things I would mainly draw were Garfield the cat, butterflies, and flowers. Was pretty damn good at stuff like that, but I sucked majorly at drawing anime. Pissed me off I could not draw a decent anime character! Eventually after taking useless art in High school, I stopped and got bored with drawing all together. Fast forward today where I decided to draw, because I was bored and fighting sleep. And loookie....
The guy at the bottom is my favorite. Hehe I never drew an anime guy that good before. :)

Now I'll leave you with the latest pic of my Roxie, my doggie. Little rotten fur ball. xD
I have more pics, but I just took this mins ago. ;)


  1. Thank you. She is 3 years old now if I'm counting right. That's the longest I ever had a dog and a nice one at that. :)


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