Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sims 3: 70s 80s & 90s SP *cough cough decades* Thoughts...

I saw this some weeks ago while looking at the forums index. I was like "oh neat a new section!" lol I haven't see many pics, but as cheesy as it sounds....I kind of, sorta want it...

If  they do it right, I want the 80s and 90s stuff for my rocker sims. This may all to due to me wanting new stuff with Seasons coming out soon, but I'm a sucker for grunge and glam rock clothing! 70's not so much, but we do need another good afro though. The hair will also be tempting! Agh! Once they release more pics, I can make up mind. I usually don't buy stuff packs, but I'm interested. Figures I would pick the cheesiest one to be interested in. xP

To add it should of been called decades instead. Oh well.


  1. I'd prefer this stuff pack be called Decades then the numbers logo crap, it's stupid, what was EA thinking???

    1. LOL I wonder what made them change their minds? They haven't been very created with names lately. *cough cough pets, seasons *cough* I'm calling it decades for short. The numbers are a mouth full. xD

    2. absolutely a mouthful! I'm still calling it Decades though, but will be interesting on how it all comes together, the fashion, the furniture etc, I'm very much the 80's kind a girl, what was your fave era? :)


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