Saturday, October 6, 2012

I know who my English teacher reminds of!

OMG *dies of laughter* Like twins! I'm dead serious. I said this earlier to someone and seeing this clip again was like sitting in my English class. The only thing is my teacher is waaaayyy older, mumbles with an accent, reads from the book for the whole class. Haha he even saids "anyone" sometimes. Everyone is usually just sitting in a daze when he askes for feedback. Then he'll make a joke and laugh about it to himself. 

This man is going be the death of me! By the way, I look like the blond girl in the school jacket when he's talking saying "WTF...why am I here to hear him read a book to me? Someone please put me out my misery!!!" *yawns*"

I bust out laughing seeing this clip again though. Classic!!!


  1. Replies
    1. LOL I love that movie! xD

      Hiya Zeri! *glomps* Glad to see your back simming. ;)

  2. hihi! yeah il never leave the sims all together. and with 3 eps right after another (for me anyway) theres so much to do again ^_^
    cant wait for seasons!!


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