Sunday, October 21, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 9 Pic + Story

The Masquerade
“I am the walking dead heartbreaker apologies.” I said to her as we waltz. She laughed thinking nothing of it, but I knew what I had come here for. If she only knew I indeed wore a mask to this masquerade party. I wore the smile of gentlemen, but the hunger of a wolf underneath this cleverly designed disguise. I fit right in with rest of these morbid faces.

“The taste of fresh blood…pushes me on.” The pursuit of making her life source mines was all I wanted. We dance like lovers, but my insides screamed for her blood. Trapped in this vicious cycle…. in a prison full of death, I fit right in with these hideous mask. I don’t know how she couldn't see the horror right around her, but all she saw was the light. All I saw was the darkness.

“I used to be golden… a saint in a time of sorrow.” Hard to believe, but I was once like her. I was once a boy with hopes and dreams. I saw goodness and beauty in everything, but now I paint a different picture. I’m no longer a child of the sun, but the bringer of death. “You'll never see what I see,” I said to her sadly as we waltz one last time. She looked at me with wonder. I looked right through her feeling nothing and then we heard the screams.

I turned to Victor and we both smiled. Blood spilled all over ballroom floor and I knew she understood now. She looked around to see the real monsters had indeed came out. She was in my world now. A single tear came running down her cheek and I knew I had to kill again. Heck, the whole room cheered for it. Was this a dream? I didn't know and I didn't bother to find out.
Decided to do it early while I had the time. I'm first posting actually, so I'm nervous to see the rest. I really can't believe I'm still in this with the little time I get, but so far I'm doing it. Didn't rush this time either. :) Click read more for the lyrics it's based off of....

Edit: Fixed it. :)

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