Saturday, October 20, 2012

OMG OMG!!!! I got a B on my paper!!!!

So today my school got everything in order from the drop issue and put my classes back up online. I can now view announcements and my grades again. They had literally took my classes down as if I had really dropped out. -_- Anyway, I've been avoiding looking at my paper grade for a few days now (before the drop/payment mess came about) and I decided to look today while I was making sure everything was back. Then I fell out my chair onto the floor, screamed, and ran around the house like a crazy woman. Dead serious. Yes, folks it's only my 2nd paper and I got a B!!!!!!

This is an interesting paper on either the harmful or beneficial image of celebrities on the youth. You have enough examples to mold this paper, satisfying the exemplification assignment. Errors include misplaced punctuation, wrong verb forms, pronoun shift, and subject and verb agreement. A grade of B <------
Tsubaki, 10/13/12

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I can't stop smiling! I'm speechless! I...I can't even...I'm in shock!!! I wanted cry I'm so happy! After this hellish week, this just makes up for everything! I thought I was going get a F or maybe a D.  Not only didn't get a grade like that, but I went up a grade. It was so last min too! OMG, this means so much to me. Really...I got a little teary eye. I had so little confidence in this paper and my ability in this class. Wow....

And yes next time my paper will be a little early I hope, so I can get some help on the grammar and punctuation with the online tutor. I'm a little rusty in that area. Oh well, I'll take that B. Hell yes! :P


  1. Yay! That's brilliant news. Sounds like the teacher thought your paper was really interesting. It's all up and up from here!

    1. I know. I'm surprise he thought it was even interesting. I guess I do have some brain cells left for papers. xD I hope I get a decent grade on my midterm. I can't believe I might actually passed this class. :)


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