Monday, October 8, 2012

Pics from my weird simming weekend! :D

OMG, it's been forever since I've played, but was so much fun!!! 
Also I just finished watching Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp and my family reminds me of that movie so much! So weird. Anyway...... 

Victor: Who the fairest of them all?

Victor: Me of course. Right?
Mirror: No just no. Hell no...

Yes, my Bonehilda actually works unlike some. xD By the way the dog in the last pic spam left after playing with Bonehilda. Oh I might add a dog or another sim in the form of a little one. ;)
 Time for some sisterly bonding. To the potion shop!
 Obsessed! I love vintage cars!

 Brought some ingredients, but just looked around mostly.
 Haha her first broom ride! :)

 Magic mirror makeover. Kind of an annoying thing that my sims like to do, but meh we'll see how long this mirror thing last.
 Ew ugly slit dress. That's a make-under. lol
 Ew another awful choice via the mirror.
 Brought him a inventing table. 
 Those paintings in the background are the best. Wonder who made them?! ;P
 Bonehilda likes chatting with the mirror though. I bet that's a interesting conversation.

 Yet another makeover, but not too bad.
 I love this picture! Makes me appreciate my graphics. :)
 Brought a bee hive too.
 Found out that coward sims don't like bee. xD
 Well he technically asked for it, sooo....
 Bee attack!!!!

 Then getting stung trigger his inner wolf.

 Handsome fellow isn't he? 
 Another awful makeover.
 Contemplating the meaning of birds?
 lol Just a funny pic....
 Stupid trash can!
 Then I went back to the yard and found Tonks laid out from the shock of seeing her brother-law turn into a wolf. lol

 Every weird family needs a cowplant and what better to have the family ghost feed it!
 Some werewolf witch loving. xD
 Only she can love that face!

 Well not always!
 Here wolfy wolfy! Here's a stick dear!
 LOL! To think my sick mind wants to mate these two. Hmm.....
Speaking of adding on to my already weird game, I need neighbors!
Cat is that you?! 
 Hippie the witch?!
Stay tune whenever I get some more time or next weekend. Going be moving in some folks. Night. ;D


  1. I've always wanted to see this movie, now I have to go and buy this on DVD and watch it, I love Johnny Depp!

  2. Dark shadows-the movie, love to see it!

    1. Pearl!!! *glomps* Hi. :) I was expecting it to be a comedy, but it's a mixture of comedy and some seriousness. It was alittle strange, but alright. You're probably like it if you're a Johnny Depp like myself. :)


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