Saturday, October 27, 2012

I forgot how sucky it was to get new glasses and lenses

It's sucks ALOT! I got new glasses Thursday and I've had a headache for two days now. It going take a few days for my eyes to get use to the changes, but still it sucks! >_> Then I have the additional suckiness of having an ear ache from the glasses rubbing one side and not being adjusted right. Plastic frames looks great, but damn are they f'ing annoying to get just right on my face. Agh!!!! I want my old glasses back. :/

I have work to do too, but I'm going to chill out with sims some time today. Once I get my glasses readjusted again, I'm going to do algebra real quick and work on research for my other two classes, then sims. Well that's the order I plan on going with if I don't get too lazy to do the hard part. xD I just hope I get a break from this migraine and ear ache. Yesterday with school added in was unbearable. Even my neck hurt. :S

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  1. Hello I think your headache might actually be an ear ache. I recommend you visit your doctor about this. Thanks. :D
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