Saturday, October 13, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 8 Pic, Story, and Scores!

Yep I got lazy and put it in all in one post.....
3rd- vid & henry - 908

Under The Moonlight
With my visions of spirits still plaguing me daily, my maker suggested I take a walk one night. I could tell by the strain in his voice, that he didn't have the patience to deal with me. So I did as he said and went for a walk. At first I couldn't relax one bit as I had been on edge all that evening, but I felt myself relax as I made my way through what looked like a forest clearing. My mind cleared instantly looking upon the beautiful scenery.

For once I felt free and alive as I tracked through it’s rugged trails. With no ghost in sight, it seemed like this walk may have actually been a good suggestion and I enjoyed the solitude. It was only when I began to walk back, it felt like my senses were on fire. The pain unbearable, I stopped in my tracks trying to make sense of it. I had fed only hours ago, so I thought this feeling couldn't be the need to feed.

Then through my confusion and fear, I saw it. I saw a full moon was in the sky and I felt it’s presence had something to do with this. I closed my eyes trying to focus, but it was no use. Hearing and feeling something near by broke what little concentration I had. Something in the form of a human was near by. The blood pumping through their veins, their hearts beats, their voices, and even the smell of their blood filled my senses. I felt wild and uncontrollable all due the full moon that hung menacing in the sky.

10/10-relates to contract
10/10- vampire essence
the story is good and leads him for a new direction, but the idea of the moon making him want to feed is a bit un-unique, his clothing is great but seems a bit too dressed up to be walking in the forest, a undone dress shirt instead ? ;] 

10/10- relates to contract
10/10-vampire essence
Very nice. I love how you posed the humans in the background and how you can see a little home/barn(I think) back there. The forest looks very realistic and the red flowers were a nice touch. For whatever reason his hand blocking his face annoys me. Though overall I think you did a great job!

Yayyyyy!!! I got 3rd!!!! In the chaos and mayhem of college, I manage turn in a pretty decent picture. I totally rushed it though, so I'm happy I manage to stay in the top 3. The assignment was moon transformation and too be honest with you, I was stuck on what to do. It reminded me of the last assignment a bit. >_< 

Anywhooo, I didn't have any real solid ideas going into this one. I had one left over from the last round, but I didn't wanted chance it with little time and the cc was just too stiff to pull it off anyway. Sooooo I decided to do something simple and classic. It's a bit of a throwback to the classic vampire movies. It's not really creative, but I had to hurry up and just do it. So while building the set, I saw a bridge in Moonlight Falls that looked quite old timey and created my set with that in the background. Then I went into CAS and got all the models ready. I also wanted to use a horse to give it even more old time feel. Well I got that all set up, posed the extras, and had Henry do the hunting pose. The posebox pose I picked for him didn't fit, so I had to go with what I had. I did want him bending down, but I didn't pause fast enough and got this. Went with it since I kind of liked it and edited the moon in. 

Now I agree with the judges saying it wasn't very unique, but I do not agree about the clothes. Why? Because I've dying to dress him up in a suit from SN and a top hat! Ha, if only I had found a walking cane! Then he would of been really dressed up. But who can't resist a top hat?! It's magical!!!! :P

In all seriousness, the next assignment is an open interpretation of lyrics. I wanted do something super gothic and scary! Wish me luck!

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