Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Walking Dead S3 Ep 1 "Seed" Thoughts....

I'm so happy it's back. Quite an interesting opening...
Major Spoilers alert!!! Do not pass this point....

OMG! They never cease to surprise me! Even the opening caught me off guard. So the show open with Rick and the group looking like they been through hell (well more than usual). Carl looking older with shaggy hair and Lori with a visible fake baby bump!

You really got that some time had passed between the season finale and Season 3. Then they clued us in that they had indeed with through winter like this. Hmmm, it has me curious as to what they did over the winter. Haha would of been cool to see zombies in snow. lol

Anywhoooo, a lot stuff has happened over their winter, because things really changed! o_0 Rick for one has become pretty cold and rough around the edges, especially with Lori. lol Yep he finally got tired of Lori's dumbass! Love it! I do wonder what finally caused him to snap. Maybe when she got all angry about Shane's death in the season finale? Or maybe something happen during the winter? Or maybe he finally is just tired of her bulls**t with the baby drama and her involvement in Shane's death? Probably all the above. lol I would be pissed too at her. Don't blame Rick one bit. I think Carl has even had enough her from what she said. Going be interesting to see that tension and what happens with the baby though. She also mention she couldn't feel it moving anymore. Zombie baby?!

As for the group, I thought it was really stupid to go down that dark hallway, only to be attacked by a horde of zombies. Couldn't they just stayed in the cells? Well maybe not, but why drag the only doctor in the group with you?

Speaking of doctor, OMG I wasn't expecting that! That poor doctor. :( And woah Rick went nuts cutting his leg off! WTH was that?!

Oh and what's with Daryl and Carol? Isn't she a little old for him? Well it is the zombie  apocalypse, so I guess it doesn't matter. Still I wonder how big the age gap is. Not too much, but still.

Then Michonne's zombies on the chain were...um interesting, but we didn't get to see her much in the 1st ep. I'll wait and pass judgement.

So things I'm looking forward to....
-I'm wondering if Herschel will live. Is cutting off the leg enough? Who's going deliver the baby if is one?
-Will Lori's baby be normal? Will she have it?
-Rick's attitude toward Lori and the group
-Rick's changed mindset and feelings. He looks like he's losing it!
-More of  Michonne
-The human prisoners

I did feel like the show should of been longer, but it was a good introduction. I just hate their cliffhangers!!!! I was so mad when it ended! I was already like "Oh s*** Hershel?!" and then it ended. D: Now I'm dying for Sunday to come again. (lol pun intended)

Goodnight. Hope I didn't forget anything. :)

P.S. Love the prison set! Such a different and scary scenery for our survivors! 

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