Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ending the Fall with Spooky Day and beginning Winter with a snowflake or two...

Pie eating contest!!!

Haha I thought it was glitch at first, but it's pie. Yum!

 Nick wanted his face painted. Unfortunately, he keeps wearing it when he goes to work. >_>
 The scarecrow scarf blows in the wind. :D
Finally the actual Spooky day is here!!! Had to dress them up. So Nick got out his zombie costume.

 Then Mikey got his pjs to dress up in his hot dog costume. lol
 Time to go out!

 Bobbing for apples....

 Hot dog Mikey won. lol
 Haha kind of like a lemonade stand. Cute. :)
 Got a pumpkin painted on his face. 
 Fall and Spooky day wasn't quite over yet. Nick decided to carve himself a pumpkin.

 Then he celebrated with a guitar riff.
 Here's the pumpkin...
 Then Mikey decided to make himself one.
 He made a traditional one, while Nick went with the silly design. But the day isn't over yet...
 Halloween Party!!!! Since adults can't trick or treat, why not! Still bum the neighborhood kids didn't show up at their doorstep.
This chick came as a magician.... 
 Roxy came as a policewoman. Ironic she would be talking to the guy dressed up a thief. xP
 Uh oh someone went to same costume shop! Liam and Shane as stripey tiger things.
 Nick redid his costume.
 While this big yetti woman crushed Nick's pumpkin! So rude! :/

 Just lol. She kept talking to him throughout the whole party.
 But then she took a break to slow dance with Liam.  B/w Liam is bit of a whore. He flirted with her and Shane. He's suppose to be married with kids. -_-
 Then the party ended and Mikey decided to clean up the mess. 
Nick went to work next day with the stupid face makeup *mumbles* But something cool happen. It got cold and you could see their breaths. o_0
 He got home just in time to check out the snow!

 Beautiful isn't it? And that's the light snow!
 Frost on the window and doors. OMG...
Xmas lights next door....
 Then that got me in decorating mood. Enlarged Wib's amazing little house a bit, so I could fit the Xmas tree in and added a mistletoe at the door. :)
Looks like it's time to break out the coats!
Stay tune for Winter pics and heavy snow! :D


  1. The snow looks great and all the little details are wonderful - frosty windows :)

    Can't wait!

    1. I'm surprise they added in little details like that. Makes it feel real. :)


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