Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow pic spam!

I must really love y'all because stupid blogger won't let upload anymore pics and I have to copy/paste each pic via photobucket here. >_>

It's so pretty!!!
Decorating for I mean Snowflake Day.
Snooping on the neighbors. Roxy's (no not the dog lol) ex came over for a visit.
And went in. Interesting.... 
Thanks to Twallan I have something to be nosy about in my game. lol
Starting snowing really heavy, so I sent my sims out to the festival. :)
Ice skating. I love this since I can't ice skate myself. xD
I love that they added my favorite seasonal drink too! Egg nog! Mmmm...

I thought this was more Nick's style. Snowboarding...

I notice more townies came out during this season. Maybe updating the error trap helped.
Another neat detail: Footprints in the snow. ^_^
Ignore the cc vampire bite on his neck. I have no clue how it got there. Maybe he hurt himself shaving? :P But I made them build a snowman outside their house after making some room.

Snow angel :)
Well that one looks painful. o_0
Mikey went to work so Nick hung out with his bestie/bandmember, Shane.

Nick had a surprise for him...
Snowball fight!

Then Shane had to leave for work, but Nick decided to use up the time to get some extra cash.
Then this chick started a fight with him. I think they were neighbors once.
Time to eat. I forgot what he was eating. They added a lot new food.
To be continued. Less pics next time, because it took forever. Winter is about to be over anyway. Still gotta do a gift giving party. I'm also looking for Aliens, because  the evil twisted part of my mind wants to get one of them impregnated. I use to love the weirdness of it in Sims 2. ;)


  1. Wow! The whole town looks so much prettier with snow covering it! Ah, I really need this ep.

    1. Hey thanks for following! :)

      You do! I'm playing in Hidden Springs in those pics and it's like a whole new town. It's like a whole new game! All the seasons really make it more realistic and fun. :)


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