Saturday, November 3, 2012

A reply and some thoughts on that Jess/Mares post

This was going be a totally different post, but I changed it. I figure if I was to post my original post, someone would of got upset and took it the wrong way. Then someone would have came over to here to scream at me for being immature and posting drama. They would of said something like "you haven't changed! OMG you're a meanie head!" Then I would have yelled back "you either, because you're over here yelling at me. You're a manie head! Aghhhh!!!" Then they will be a collected headdesk, because it'll be dumbest argument to date. Then we would we be like "OMG what were arguing about?" Then it would begin again. lol Somewhat of a summary of the last few years. As for what the whole point of this post...

I thought this was a interesting post and a blast from the past. I wasn't a fan of Jess at first, but I realize she was really a good person. To be honest we were all stupid and young back then. The drama was expected, so I don't think anyone should feel too bad about back then. (Well some shouldn't...*mumbles*)

I really do find it all funny now. Haha, I hope my name doesn't remind people of vomit. lol  That's what we called jumping to conclusions. Man, I was a brat back then. Again I'm sorry. xD  If anything, I just was really sorry to see Jess go, because she wasn't a bad person at all. I feel bad that drama caused her to leave. I'm glad we settled everything before she left though. We became even friends I think. I really wish her well. I think we both learned from our experiences back then. Heck, I'm still learning now. :)

And Mares! Hi. I remember the first time I laid on that blog. OMG this community has been through some crazy stuff. It's funny looking back. Just too bad not everyone has learned and better themselves. Oh well. I think I have. I think... ^_^;

Happy simming and much love to the good simmers of the past that added to our little community. We all should be committed! ;P

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  1. Jess was a good kid. i really liked her,, yeah she was a little spazzy, but hell who isnt at that age. my eldest is about her age, so i felt somewhat protective of her. she got alot of shit she didnt deserve


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