Monday, November 5, 2012

WTF Walking Dead?! Really? I don't even...

OMG I'm soooo disappointed! Some people are actually tearing up over this ep?! I'm rolling my eyes instead. So f'ing stupid. Like WTF?!
Major Spoilers Alert after the jump!!! 
I'm so pissed I'm not going to go deep into it. I just rushed back here just to let off some steam. 

Bwhaha the writers must be smoking that good stuff this week? Sooo f'ing stupid and fake this weeks. I rolled my eyes twice and laughed! Whatever!!!! Let me point out everything wrong in this ep!

1. Why was Rick suddenly giving Lori looks when the zombies showed up? They weren't doing that before. All the sudden he's going show interest in her? Yeah ok....

2. Why the hell is the guy who got locked outside back in the show?! His ass is suppose to be dead. Nice surprise, but meh.

3. Did Carol get killed? Don't tell me they just decided to give her a weak ass death!

4. So Oscar is replacing T-Dog as the "black dude"? You couldn't have them both or just kept T-Dog around. They finally just gave him lines and he got killed off?!

5. Lori! WTF?!!! Why would you kill her off this soon? Why would you have Carol practicing a C-section if it was going be Maggie's job? Why would you let a baby into such a world? I'm sorry, but the baby should have been dead in first place and Lori's death did not make me happy! As much I wanted her to be killed off, she could of stayed a little longer and had a better death.

6. Why on earth would the writers bring a baby into the show?! Aghhhhhhhhhh! I miss Lori over a f'ing baby! It's going cry and just be in the way. Are you serious WD writers? No it doesn't soften my heart. It's makes me f'ing angry! Shows have been ruined with babies and kids being added in. Yeah I really wanted see Rick running around with a baby on his back. Yeah sounds fun!*sarcasm*  So f'ing fake!

7. I was liking Rick this season. Why did you have to make him even more crazy and traumatized already?!

I'm like almost done with this season and maybe the show! It feels like it's been ruined! I wanted see epic batter between the Governor and Rick! I don't wanted see a snotty nose baby that might not even be Rick's crawling around making noise! UGH not even excited about next week. I almost don't care!

P.S. This would be 8, but I forgot. Anywhoo, why and how would Carl find the strength to shoot his own mother? Wouldn't happen. That's his mom FFS! Ugh...

*sigh* I'm going to sleep on it. I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm just so disappointed. D:


  1. Great review. I was really upset that T-Dog died. I remember an interview or an article of some sort over the summer promising more T-Dog this season, but pretty much all he did was fight zombies and die. I was interested to see how he and Merle would react to seeing each other again. But I suppose it would have been a writer's nightmare trying to write significant moments between Merle and Daryl, Merle and Rick, AND Merle and T-Dog. Still, a part of me feels like the writers mainly killed him to avoid having to write the most racist dialogue in cable TV history (via Merle confronting T-Dog), which is kind of a huge cop-out.

    I also thought Lori's death came too soon, but I sort of interpreted her last conversation with Rick a bit differently. Rick was very cold to her in that conversation, but I did think he was showing signs of reaching out and trying to be open with her again (putting his hand on her shoulder, telling her she's not a bad mother, but still being walled off when telling her "we're all grateful" instead of "I'm grateful"). So I thought they were actually on the path to at least start trying again (also evidenced by the looks they gave each other out in the yard), which made her death that much more heartbreaking.

    Anyway, I actually enjoyed the episode, but I felt like they gave us way too much to process in one sitting. But my thinking is, if the writers have so much material in store that they can just throw everything at us, then I can't imagine what other craziness (and potential awesomeness) they have lined up this season.

    Oh, and I agree about the baby lol. F*** that post-apocalyptic crying machine. >.<

  2. Hey Archivist! Thanks. xD Last night was crazy wasn't it? 0_o

    I was looking forward to T-Dog becoming a more depth character (at least with more lines) too. I knew he would get killed off at some point, but they could of kept him around a little longer for Woodbury. I agree it would have been really interesting to see him meet up with Merle. Despite the racist content, it would of added to the epic showdown between the Gov and Rick's group. I was so predicting that they would meet again, but I guess not. D:

    I've been cheering for Lori's death for 2 seasons now and I was hoping for something slightly different. With the pregnancy I guess it makes sense. Just seemed rushed though. I totally interpreted her and Rick's relationship towards the end wrong, but they could showed this more if they hadn't rushed her death. I think they could spent a few more eps showing them reconcling. I hated her so much, but she did add to the show a bit.

    *sigh* I really wish they had made the ep longer and split it up into a 2 eps without showing the Governor. It did seem like a lot and it made it seemed rushed. I hope that's a good sign that they do have a lot material. Good material hopefully.

    The baby has the potential of killing the fun of the show. I can't see the baby adding anything to the story, other than being a pain and having zombie follow it's cries. They kind of back themselves in a corner with letting it live. If they kill it, it will be just horrible. I don't want a baby in the show, but geez killing it off would be awful. Then if they let it live, it may take away from the story and other characters. I really have no clue what's going happen with that. I just hope they don't change the dynamic of the show too much.

    LOL I really can't believe all this has happen and the season isn't even close to ending yet. Yeah I guess I'm watching next Sunday, because I am curious. -_-

  3. I really liked the EP...

    The Baby is going to probably die soon though, like, when the governor meets the group. It'll go a long with, what I feel, will be Carols death (She'll get shot as she's holding the baby and fall on top of it, aka - Lori's death in the Comic.), if she isn't dead already, though I don't think she is.

    As for T-Dog. They killed him off so that Lori's death would surprise you. People wouldn't think they'd kill off two major people on the show in one EP.

    The Prisoner never died... He got locked out. This show has never had off screen deaths other than Sofia. You KNOW when someone dies. I knew as soon as Rick locked him out he wasn't dead... So it was no surprise when he came back.

    Killing Lori off this soon was a good Idea. It finally get's Rick to loose it. He did Love Lori, he and her just never got around to working things out. They'd have gotten back together if she hadn't have died. Also, Rick goes completely crazy in the Comics.

    All in all, I really loved the EP, it was, to me, the best of the season so far. But again, that's just me.


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