Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seasons!!! It's raining, it's pouring, and fall leaves are falling!

Squeeeee! I have Seasons! My grandmother surprised me with it. ^_^ I needed to chill out today, so it came at a perfect timing. Been one of those weeks. >_< Just felt so good to play today. I guess she saw how stress I was and let me have it early. Was suppose to be a Xmas present. <3

Well to start off, things weren't going so good at first. I couldn't get my game to load without crashing. Then I realize I had old versions of Twallan's mods still in my mod folder. *facepalm* Well after that I finally fired up the game with no issue. Decided to go with a small familiar household to get the hang of things. My Nick/Mikey/stalk Liam save. xD  Well after looking everything over, I decided to change the weather to fall. I didn't wanted see clear sunny skies anymore! lol Well the trees changed and I got giddy just seeing the guy next door raking leaves.

Then after a day of waiting for some action, I finally got rain! Nick checked it out.

Hehe I love the umbrella. Took me a min to find them. Under outdoor stuff. 

 Checked out the festive grounds, but it was raining too much.

 Then it really started raining. The effects are amazing!!!  I really wasn't expecting it to sound so real! The thunder scared me in a good way. xD Even heard some wind. Then the tires on the cars and bikes have a water effect when they drive by. So freaking cool! :D

Well time to splash!

Haha, so freaking awesome! Going totally freak out when snow comes. Spooky Day is coming up too, so we'll be back with pics of that. So much fun! :D


  1. Aw, what a great grandmother. Supergran! :)

    Love the pictures and can't wait to see your snow ones. I love RL rain and am so happy to hear that they've done a good job on it in the EP.


  2. i hate you so much!! Xp
    lol im jelous i want it so basssd


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