Friday, May 16, 2014

My thoughts on the TS4 CAS Trailer!

TS4 CAS Trailer:

My reaction:
With the exception of tattoos and makeup, I saw nothing new! Wooooo! I'm so enthusiastic I don't know to do with myself. I think my eyeballs going roll out my head. I can't wait to color with preset colors when they could just add a freaking color wheel! I can't wait to play with goofy plastic grinned dolls that look like TS2's bastard child. It just all f'ing fantastic! I'm pre-ordering as we speak. I think my head may explode.*gags*

-This message has been brought to you by sarcasm. The best way to express yourself when you're overly unimpressed-

The only positive thing I have say about this is I like the pull and drag system in CAS minus the plastic graphics.


  1. I share your underwhelmedness. If this was the next step in the franchise from TS2, then it would look amazing. But TS3 is good enough for me, plus I prefer the more realistic look of the sims - the cartoon style isn't grabbing me. They'd have to offer a big leap in gameplay, akin to the open neighbourhood and CASt, in order to convince me it's worth it.

    I think the only reason I'd consider getting TS4 would be if something goes badly wrong with TS3 - like if I needed to get a new computer in the future and it just wouldn't run or something. It would have to be a Mac-specific version or I wouldn't even consider it, and even then I'd resent having to have Origin, which I currently don't need and thank my lucky stars for it whenever I see people posting about their problems with Origin.

    A lot of people seem excited by TS4 and I hope it's all they wished for. What I hate, though, is the bitching you see between the pro-TS4 and anti-TS4 simmers. It's all turning a bit tribal and feels like war is going to break out! I don't like being told I'm "whining" if I say I don't like something, any more than people like being called "fanboy/girl", or whatever, if they say they like it. Different people like different things. Diversity is good. Having a discussion shouldn't degenerate into argument. No individual's opinion should be worth more than someone else's. I was seriously considering deleting my sim's twitter account last week because of all the bad feeling I was seeing there. But I do not like to act hastily and instead I've just stopped reading the tweets of the people I found offensive.

    I do like the cocktail-style drinks you see in a lot of the screenshots. That's something that does appeal!

  2. I'm not that interested in CAS so it was one long, dull trailer for me. I can't help thinking they should've put all that coding effort into something else. Never mind ... plenty of other games coming out that look a lot more interesting (and I'll be pre-ordering).

  3. The trailer of TS4 was a borefest for me as well. Nothing new. Just the same crap they'll been telling us from the beginning. Still the same crappy cartoon graphics that look like they were made years ago and no CASt. Heck I wouldn't be surprise if they don't have open worlds anymore. It all seems like TS2 2.0 anyway.

    I see no point in buying it. Maybe if I got desperate and it was on sale. Then even if I got pass installing it to actually playing, I probably go back to TS3 after looking at how goofy the sims look in it and getting frustrated with not having a CASt. I uninstall TS2 for those same reasons.

    The constant fighting over TS4 is silly though. We wouldn't even be fighting if EA had listen to ALL their players. I try my best to ignore those threads and discussions. I think most of them enjoy fighting IMO.

    I do agree the cocktail drinks were the best part. :P


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