Sunday, August 11, 2013

PHOßIA: Mock Pic+ Scores

 This stinking shed use to be my salvation. A place I hid away from the fights, the yelling and the constant pain my dad use to put us through. I was a different person back then though and things quickly changed. My dad had became more and more disturbing as time went on. This shed became his twisted workshop and I was forbidden to go in. The day I got locked inside was the day I figured out why. The darkness, the smell of rotten animal flesh, and the cramp space burned into my brain. I can remember it like yesterday. The screeching of the door locking behind me sill haunts my dreams. "I WANT OUT! I CAN'T MOVE! I CAN'T BREATH!" I want out of this recurrent nightmare, but the fear still holds me here in this small stinking shed. You can just add it to the list of my many fears.

Creativity - 21/30
Model's Styling - 21.5/30
Pose - 13/15
Link to Assignment - 11/15
Emotion - 23/30
Quality - 14/15


Amazing mock Vid! I'm so glad you decided to join and this mock proves you have the ability to create stunning photos! The quality is spot-on and the styling of Ethan is great, I love his ripped jumper and military boots, kinda reminds me of a horror film which adds points to emotion. The pose and expression on his face clearly show fear and trying to escape, the main area I think you could of improved upon was the link to assignment as I feel your set wasn't cramped/small enough to clearly represent claustrophobia. I think if you think more about the phobia your working on you will be a tough competitor to beat!

This was one of my favorite shots of the round. The model's pose is great - he's certainly fearful, and rather small (as if things are closing in on him). Additionally I think you created quite a bit of emotion with his facial expression, and his surroundings. There's some pretty frightening things around him, and I must say the blood was a nice touch (although it could do with more depth? I couldn't mark you down for that, but I thought I'd recommend that you work on it) as were the knife and other dangerous things that line the walls. However... I must admit that even if the pose was spot on, I don't think that this was very claustrophobic. Fearful, yes, and it does look like he's sort of squished in his current position, but I think you should have amplified the claustrophobia aspect by a lot more. Other than that, I liked this picture - keep up the good work!

Good looking model and good expression on his face. he does look a little troubled or fearful. Unfortunately your picture is not representative of claustrophobia (fear of SMALL spaces). Apart from that good picture !

YES! 2nd! I'll take it! I rushed a bit on this one, but I felt like it a really strong picture. I do wish I had made it more closed in and represented the fear better, but I was quite happy with how it turned out. From the lighting to the clothes he was wearing, it came out perfect!

His shirt is from Rusty Nails and the pants are from the Uni ep. I hadn't planned his outfit beforehand, but I wanted him to look disheveled and worn out. So I recolored the shirt to look more dirty and gave him slightly dark makeup on his face. Then went with a posepack I often use for such pictures. I didn't want to do too much editing as it's kind of non-editing comp, so I just sharpened it and gave it more eerie green tint. It was all easy and quick.

The one little thing I was annoyed with wasn't even brought up, so I guess it wasn't a problem.

My next assignment is the fear of snakes and I'm going have some trouble with that. I don't have pets installed anymore. I took it out when I got IP. So I'm going have to rely on cc or some clever idea to pull this off!

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