Monday, August 5, 2013

Shark Attacks and Underwater Affairs!

Well things have been going pretty well with my game. IP has been a more layback experience, but some randomness has threw me a very interesting storyline I plan on sharing in this post. Bwhahaha!
Sebastian is still working on his scuba diving skills. He found some buried treasure, which proved to be loaded with quite a few gems.
 Along with selling fish, he should be able to afford a bigger houseboat soon.
He also took time to invest in a free resort. It needs some work as you can see.
Then something unexpected appeared. I missed the hearts and stuff, but the attraction system alarmed when this lady appeared. Sebastian checked her out.
 After chatting under water about their shared scuba diving interest, they came back up to the surface and splashed around.
 When it was time to leave though, it was time to leave! Really! She literally ran him over with her boat. 0_o
 The next day Sebastian was invited to a island Halloween party. Apparently his neck still hurt from the accident.
 Still he managed to meet some new folks and mingle a bit.

 After the party, he went right to bed. I also peeped at how detailed the All-in-one bathroom looked inside.
 Then during his usual morning scuba dive, he ran into shark and it attacked him! Ahhh!
 But Sebastian is so cool, no stinking shark can stop him! The shark loss!
 Feeling good about his victory over the oversized fish, he invited his lady friend over from the other day.
 He wasn't impressed by her work outfit, but...
he used his charms on her.
 Smooth move...
 Then she told him she was married. Duh duh duh!!!!!!! I had no idea! :o
No matter, I decide to let the affair continue and she agreed to stay over.
 They didn't do the deed, but they slept in the same bed.
 Oh how anti-climatic!
 Still once they got some sleep, they flirted some more.
 A married woman! For shame! *gets popcorn*
 Karma and the bed thought badly of her too. LOL
 Then she left for work and to probably later explain to her husband why she was out all night. Missy you got some explaining to do!
Ha! I wanted Sebastian to fall in love with a mermaid, but this is way more interesting! My game literally went from a boring ol regular game to a possibly exciting soap opera! Hopefully I can make things even more twisted! Just going to go with the flow and see what happens. :P


  1. Ha ha he looks so funny in his tiger outfit! Glad you are enjoying the game, it does look like a fun EP. The under-water scenes are really well done too.

  2. IKR! I was going plan his Halloween outfit, but I had to go with that! It was too funny. :P

    But IP is pretty fun despite some glitches. Pretty stable too. I've barely touch the surface with some stuff tho, so you're only seeing half of it here. Hopefully soon I'll get to see more mermaids and run a decent resort.


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