Friday, August 30, 2013

The latest TS4 rumors: No CAST? My thoughts...

CAST= Create A Style Tool

Well the latest rumor and debate on the Sims 4 forum has been the lack of CAST in the game. So far it looks like EA will not be adding such a feature and players will have to rely on preset colors. From speculation and debate, it appears that with the new emotion feature makes it almost impossible to have patterns or anything that isn't a preset color. Well it makes it impossible for EA, because you know damn well they are too damn lazy to make anything work. Still having emotions connected to colors presents a problem for the coding of the game. The color red for example might give a sim a feeling of confidence, while the color blue might make another sim sad. If patterns or a custom color from the color wheel is thrown in that can easily confuse the game and cause errors. This can be tweaked as colors do have hex codes and can be programed to relate to certain ones. Will EA do this? Who knows! If they don't, I have a good reason I will mention that later.

As for these emotions effecting anything else, it may cause a bit of a problems for CC creators. It seems already complicating enough to create clothes and furniture. Adding emotions in will just add another chore and complication to CC. I'm sure some brilliant person will create a program for it, but it might be a bit hassle and a wait for quality CC to be available when it makes it's debut.

Then the rumor of hair being limited to preset colors is also an issue. I don't quite understand how hair color can be a problem in the game and emotions so far haven't been mention when it comes to hair. The hair as of now looks blobish, but I've heard that it might improve. If hair color is an issue though, the only assumption is that the hair will stay looking like melted plastic with no detail or another reason I will go into right now actually.
Ok, one thing that I kept hearing about was the game may be able to connect with your mobile phone. To be specific it would be an app or some type of game that will allow you to make sims on your smart phone.

Create a Sim Mobile - Harness the powerful new Create a Sim tool on your mobile device to create Sims on the go, then upload to your The Sims 4 game on your PC.

Now I'm going to assume this is just a rumor/suggestion, but if this is true this can be a good reason as to why CAST won't be added to TS4 and why the game might be much more simpler in looks. They can only do so much with a mobile game or app. Add CAST in and things might get a bit more complicated for the mobile phone to handle. As for how hair color may effect this, hair on a mobile app can't be too detailed either. The flat blob hair they have now looks about right for a mobile app. If you add a color wheel in for it, it then it becomes complicated again for an app. That's just speculation though.

To sum it up, CAST might be on the chopping block in favor of other features and is it really worth it?

I for one don't think so. Yes emotions seem like a great feature, but both emotions and CAST can co-exist if one aspect of it is left out. If emotions were to be no longer be linked to colors in the game, then CAST could easily be added in without issue. Then the developers could just focus on the emotions of the sims in regards of each other and the world around them in a more in-dept way. IMO colors evoking emotions is a bit silly and unnecessary. I think the whole emotion thing is a bit too much with objects as well. It can get a bit tiring if every little thing causes an emotional reaction and it can be limiting too. Like I said, I much rather they focus on the interactions and relationships of the sims more than anything. We don't need unnecessary features like mobile CAS either.

As for me, CAST is a deal breaker and I can't see myself even considering this game without it. I'm still waiting to see more, but they are going have to be a bit more clear about major features like this. Open neighborhood still hasn't even been really addressed! They have a long way to go to impress me. They already have back peddled away from one issue today, so maybe they do listen....when an angry mob is after them.

20 pages of ranting! LOL Misunderstanding huh? Hmmm...

Confusion? First time it came to mind? It seemed pretty straight forward to me and sure it's possible, but why answer it that way? Hmmm... 

Anyway, keep voicing your opinions everyone. The more angry mobs they get, the more they might actually listen for once. Hopefully they prove us skeptics wrong! Well it would be nice for a change at least. lol


  1. so far i hate everything ive heard about it, save the being able to move an already built room. they need to get their heads out of their asses and stop trying to make the game 'trendy' and make the game actually an IMPROVEMENT. to me it looks like they are taking the franchise backward, not forward. if i want 'sims mobile' i would have played their stupid facebook game

    1. I totally agree. The build mode stuff is the only improvement so far. I was liking some of the controls of CAS, but it's not really an improvement if they leave CAST out or if they keep that horrid hair.

      I wouldn't put it pass them to put more online crap and mobile features in this one. They did it in TS3, so I can't imagine them not wanting to go a step up from that. I also heard the game was meant to be online, but they decided to make it single player after SimCity crashed and burned. That could be also why it looks so simple and CAST is on the back burner. It would make sense. It definitely has a online vibe and I can see it being app too. It's unnecessary and dumb! Sims was never meant to be that way.

      But the game is definitely going backwards. It's look like a bargain bin game or a fake mock up of the sims right now. lol

  2. The no CASt is pretty much a deal breaker for me as well. I never played TS2, but I remember how TS2 players where over the moon about how in TS3 you could customize (pretty) much everything - such progress! And now they want to take that away again. I can't even imagine this game without CASt. I spend a lot of time customizing and experimenting with patterns, textures and colors, it's one of my favorite things about building. And to not have that option is

    1. I played Sims 2 and I was one those people freaking out about all the new customizations. lol It use to drive me crazy that that I couldn't recolor or customize anything without TS2 bodyshot. It was a good game, but I absolutely hated that part of it! It's why I can't play TS2 today.

      Like Zeri said, we're going backwards and part of the fun is customizations. I can't even imagine myself making a sims with only just normal hair colors and the dreary clothes they give us. They can't even color black clothes right without making them look grey. Bleh.

      They are going lose a lot money if they choose not to add CAST.

  3. Agree with you all! Not putting Create-A-Style in TS4 makes Build mode and CAS really undesirable to me. I loved TS2 but that was then and this is now - if I wanted to go backwards I would play TS2, not pay more money for a plasticky-looking new variant. I know lots of people are very excited about the new CAS and the way you can adjust bits of the sims by clicking on them directly. Maybe if I was more interested in making sims I'd get this, but to be honest I don't - if you want your sim to have a smaller nose then you can push their nose or push a slider for the nose, the result is the same, so I don't see this as particularly innovative. And who cares how refined their features can be when the'll be topped with Lego-man plastic hair!

    That combined with the 'emotions', which I expect will be over-done and horribly exaggerated, and the cartoony styling and plasticine hair turn me right off.

    I am so happy that I don't like it, though. I wasn't ready to fork out for a whole new series of Sims and now I'll not be tempted to.



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