Friday, September 6, 2013

What the plumbob am I up to?

Simming! Yes. I haven't had any real pictures to share. I started up a new Uni game with two of my favorite male sims and I'm in the process of giving them complete makeovers. I thought I was done, but I went on a CC binge. Yeah I fell off the wagon finally. My guys definitely need clothes. My girls too, but the guys needed a fashion emergency!

While I'm on that subject, all my sims will be getting upgraded and tweaked at some point. I also going work on making some new sims as well for download. I've made models, but I haven't took time in CAS just to make a sim for no reason. I want to get back to that. I'm feeling very inspired, so hopefully I can fulfilled that promise. My sims have been looking very plain to me lately and I want to spice it up. I want more different, bold, and realistic sims. I already downloaded different default eyes and skin that look much more detail. The clothes I've downloaded kind of reflect my new sense of fashion for them too. Still rock&roll, but with rave-ish, punkish, urban, and bright vibe. I guess that's a way describe it, but no matter I'm going start getting back to living in CAS in between playing.

As for playing the actual game, I had to abandon my IP soap opera with my scuba diver, Sebastian. I don't know if the new patch will make a difference, but it became unplayable as time went on. The game crashes 1 min into playing. As soon he starts moving around, it takes me back to desktop and gives me an error message. It really pisses me off. I had the craziest storyline going on for that game! I guess I should be glad it's just that one save file right now, but it's downright irritating to abandon something I put so much work into. Going wait for Twallan and see what I can do before deleting it permanently.

Once I feel comfortable with my game again and everything seems stable enough, I'm going try playing around Monte Vista and create a handsome werewolf. He's going a bit more of a man whore unlike my scuba diver. I plan on having him sleep with everything that moves and at night have him attack the town's people (with aid of a mod). I got that idea at work oddly. lol Well I did buy Monte Vista with my paycheck, so I guess they relate. ;)  I also plan going get back to my SN household as well. I've been kind of nervous going back to that since it's probably my biggest save file, but I want to see the little one grow up.

So yeah that's it for now. When I get a chance and finish perfecting my cc folder, my customs blog is getting another makeover. I'm not liking the recent look anymore. Bleh.

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