Friday, August 9, 2013

As the Tide Turns: A gift worth getting... *plays dramatic music*

Sebastian, our handsome scuba diver is still seeing his married lover. He took her up on her invitation to her gift giving party.

He enter the house not knowing her husband would be there or what he looked like....

But all he found was her and a group of men!
 Sebastian confused, decide tp wait patiently to get her alone. 
But then he found out she had a child! Dun dun DUN!!!
 He was shocked, but his love for her was too much.
 Even this creepy party guest couldn't deny their attraction.
 So once they were completely alone and the child was safety out of the way downstairs, they headed for the bedroom. *plays sexy music*
And they finally woohooed!

 Sebastian confidently strutted around the bedroom. That cocky bastard!  
 But she knew HE would be coming home soon.
 So after a quick shower...
 He stuttered out...
 ...just in time! Sebastian looked through the window to see her husband had definitely made it home.
 She boldly snuck out to kiss her lover goodbye. She couldn't bare not too.
 With one last blow of a kiss...
 ...he ran off into the night. No gifts were exchanged with the exception of one. *plays cheesy sexy music*

Oh the drama. More to come on as the Tide Turns. lol
In all seriousness, I'm having too much fun with such evilness. I did have crashing issues earlier, but used my backup save and thankfully it worked. I don't want this to end. I gotta make it messier! I almost feel sorry for her clueless husband!
He also got enough scuba skills to go the mermaid grotto, so hopefully I will be seeing a lot more mermaids. He probably will end up marrying one once he's done with his fling. I don't really plan on getting those two together, but I do plan on making it more interesting. ;P 
Note: The dark pictures were lightened a bit, so it wouldn't be so dark.


  1. Shockingly naughty lol! Ah well, they're only pixels, no real marriages are jeopardised so you might as well go all out with your evil scheme!

    1. LOL IKR! I feel like I'm playing my own personal soap opera. I usually try to have a nice and perfect life for my pixels, but it's too much fun. I blame the new attraction system for such evilness. :P


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