Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Sims 4: The first trailer and gameplay

The Sims 4 "Arrival" Official Trailer

First Look: The Sims 4 Official Gameplay Trailer

All their faces look the same like TS2.
But I'm thrilled as you can see. Ugh...
P.S. It's not just the faces, but the whole look is a downgrade.


  1. I personally feel like they look less cartoony but at the same time seem more fake, I like the idea that sliders are gone and its a click a drag anywhere system.

    I read a developer saying that they didn't to get into "uncanny valley" (which I personally would have loved) but from this I'd say was is little chance of them ever getting there.

    There is just something missing about them, can't quite decide what.
    Perhaps I will feel differently in game, when I am the one to make the sims.

    I also don't like the feel of the build system, it just irks me a little, but I suppose in game this too will feels different. (Though if you can edit the wall heigh of different floors, which it looked as if one could do, then I am thoroughly happy about that)

    Aside from that I don't actually mind it, I like the idea of emotions provided they still have needs as well and provided they aren't just a gimmick.

    To be honest I will still buy the game (yes like every simmer we can't seem to resist in spite of the EA track record), provided my computer meets the specs, got the thing for the sake of sims 3 (so who knows if it will be up to scratch after all these years) there is no way I will be buying a new computer just for sims 4.

  2. It looks a lot more like a Facebook game than Sims to me. I can see it being more attractive for casual gamers but I'm not sure they'll keep the diehard simmers interested. I suspect there's more bullshot than actual gameplay in that gameplay trailer anyway.


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