Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hey I picked up a new word! TMN keep them coming!

First it was bum nugget and now it's toerag! Yes the Mare word of the day is:

Toerag- derogatory British insult made antique by more popular words (Wanker, etc); Used to describe one who is seen as worthless in Society.

Gawd I love the British! The smexy accents are awesome(wish I had that accent or married someone with it) and now I have these naughty phrases/words!

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Speaking of the Mares, when you get the chance update my banner pleaseee! Thank youuu! Don't mind me I'm acting silly tonight. 2am, no wonder! Night!


  1. Hehe, you Americans are always so obsessed with the accent =P Should come to my neck of the woods - sounds as if everyones just rolled off a farm xD Not so sexy now, is it? Lol!

  2. oo sexy farm boys XD

    i love language (and accents) and i have adopted tidbits of several languages into my vocabulary that i like. i use Australian, Chinese, and English phrazes. or any other phraze i come across that i like or think works in casual conversation lol.

    language is fun :) and i love learning how other cultures speak

  3. Indeedy ;) Those combine harvesters and denim dungaree's are to die for xD

  4. I'm from Texas -- a little farm boy accent doesn't affect me in the slightest, Random! XD

    And Zeri, we must feel the same way about languages -- I do that a lot too!

  5. lolz! i love the british accent to! its smexy. especially on a hot guy.....mmm...

  6. ^^ ikr. lol Random. nice to see ur stalking my blog again. XD havent seen u in awhile. :-)

  7. I've unfortunately had to get a life :( Boo!
    But will still stalk you every now and then, don't worry xD


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