Friday, May 7, 2010

If we were stranded on an island, you would probably try to sell me the coconuts!

Wanted know why this lovely OT topic was chose and on a Thursday of all days? Look below!
Oh how convenient! 1sm067eyeroll Pictures, Images and Photos 

Now do you see why I refuse to post in their stupid little OT thread! The nerve! How about instead of selling me stuff, fix the fucking forum you idiots! I had to use different browser just to post today!mad smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

P.S Don't post in the OT thread!!!! It's nothing, but a big ad! Show them how you feel about the constant push of the store!


  1. 10 dollars for the coconuts... 5 dollars for the knife to open them..

    after a week or two, you can buy a spoon or a straw

  2. Not to mention it wont download for some people! (Sorry, I seem to be holding a grudge on that, lol)

    EA should change their company to AIG because they sure are acting a lot like them!



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