Monday, May 3, 2010

Hmmm...what to post?!

Well I just notice today that I have 50+ followers! 0_0 Wow, many thanks! I also notice the weather is making me extremely lazy! Hot and muggy makes me want to go to sleep! Anyway  just recently TSR is not the only website I had crossed off list for virues (not including the recent post about them), my favorite anime site mangafox tried to give me a virus twice. I think it's the ads too. Like why do these sites have ads like that? It's messed up! Can't even ready my manga/anime in peace without something popping up or something saying you have a virus. Well that's when my phone comes in handy! Yay for cell phones! Anyway I've finally downloaded something from lemon leaf and I'm proud of myself! I'm about to make a new sim with my new CC. Oh that remind me I might take another look at their eyes, till Garden of Shadow returns. Also my celeb thread is not goin as good as I hoped, here. Making celebs sims is hard and I don't blame you if you gave up on me in making your celeb sim, but I do have a life. I do feel bad though, but I haven't gave up so please dont't give up on me completely. I'm trying to get them out as fast as I can. I'm also trying not to stay on the computer as much. Yes I'm actually trying to get a life. Don't be too shocked! Trying find a job and get things straighten out. 11pm already? *sigh* Ok now I'm done talking about nothing, continue on with your day!

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