Monday, May 17, 2010

The Exchange is infested with these things!

The Exchange is crappy right now, we all know that with Culling and many other problems, but why must every single time I download from there I get New CAS Projects! Almost everytime!
I hear these make sim babies sticks, invisible, stretchy, and just makes sims look freaky. I swear If I see one toothpick baby or stretchy child in my game I'm going to go find whoever made these horrible things and slap them! I don't know if all of them do this, but I don't risk it! I'm still gettting over the brown blob of hair I downloaded that attacked Sunset Valley! Don't ask! Just creepy! Please note the exchange is not a safe place, please check for these things! I don't know if everything name this is bad, but please be aware of them.
I will also like know why the hell EA can block most CC, but can't block things like this? *sigh*


  1. Not all new CAS projects are bad, most are fine

  2. orly? wasnt sure. can never tell these days.

  3. i agree tho, there far too many 'virus objects' floating around the exchange. someone needs to find a way to fix it


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