Monday, May 10, 2010

Shut up? Not not really

And they talk about me? Complaining about complaining is worse! *sigh*

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  1. Yay! Gets to use my new favourite phrase once again.
    "What a dipshit!" =P

  2. im under the impression that EA didnt come into the picture until late ts2, round pets. am i wrong? so why does this dipshit think that EA has been working on the sims since sims 1? no i thought the sims 1 was all maxis and you guys remember how great the game was and how fun the forums were? need i say more? lol

  3. "Talk about the game and are making more and more features for YOU."
    Isn't that a fragment? Seriously, if someone's going to try to sound smart and mature, they should at least be grammatically correct.

  4. agreed Oh shiny one! xD lolz. doesnt really help his case either if his avi is a kid, makes people think that he is indeed a kid. well at least makes me think that... >.>

  5. Thanks! I thought he was a kid, too, but then again, I think people's avatars are their self-sims.


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