Friday, May 21, 2010

Noooo Mare, don't starting hating me please!
I was sad reading this and you guys sounded so disappointed in us. It made me so sad! I wasn't posting in that of course, but I was practically the one who thought of doing it. Me and Hippiedippie. Mostly my influence though. We were all over at my chat box laughing after it was over. It didn't turn out like we wanted it too though. We thought the grurus would lock it quick, but they ignored us. Then they just kept posting as I watched happily. We were all trying get back at EA in some way and get their attention. I especially wanted this to happen. I can't dispute my ban and I was angry it's nothing I can do, so I made this plan up. I've been wanting to wreck that thread, so since everyone wanted to rebel, I said lets target the OT thread guys. Oh even the title of your post makes me sad. If your going be disappointed and angry, then its me you want. Don't blame them. Sure it was them that made the final decision to post in that thread, but blame me.


  1. Vidkid, your name has always summed you up for me completely, kid. Now don't take this the wrong way I checked your blog and it says you're 20, just like me. But the persona you portray on the internet, at most of the times, is juvenile. That' not a bad thing it's one of your most endearing qualities. However, at times I think it's also your vice. The actions you encouraged on the OT thread were very similar to the actions you condemned the 'pink plumbob trio' for. As for whether you should rebelling I think you should do what you feel is right. Just understand that as a popular blogger your actions and words have weight in the sims community. By following your example many others might get perma banned for you. Do you want that?

    Hmmm those were my two cents or whateve' like I said take this all in love Vid.

  2. you are right. i thought i was telling them the right way to rebel but i wasnt, there is no right way.

  3. Hmmm... well people(you and others) have been talking about writing letters and emails to game magazines and etc. The whole hit 'em where it hurts but in my own little personal private protest I am no longer purchasing anything from E.A. I really am trying to hit 'em where it hurts their wallets. This is so hard because I want ambitions soooo much. =_= But um I think rebelling is in the eye of the beholder in history was the USA right to rebel against the crown? There are always two different sides to the story.

  4. same here clairezy, i will not purchase any games FROM them. im boycotting them. but that doesnt mean that im not gonna get my hands on a copy of futur EP's. My way of thinking is that yeah, we can boycott and not buy the games but we are all addicts at heart so the boycotting in my opinion wouldnt do so well. So i say buy the games from a third party person! i just bought WA off of Ebay for a great price. about half the price it would have sold for on the release date. Plus that way EA isnt getting my money. One less copy purchased from them. Yeah the seller still bought the copy but they would have anyways because thats what they do, they invest so i might as well put the money in their pockets instead of EA's.

    Sorry i started rambling there lol!

  5. I am a big girl and well aware of what I was doing in the OT thread!! You don't need to take blame for me, Vid! I have a point to make and I believe Sunday's mess, the OT mess and the banning of Megan help make my point! There is no rhyme or reason to the bannings!

    @Clairezy018....If I get permabanned, it is by my own choosing and for my own actions! Do not lay guilt on Vidkid! We all have to take responsibility for our own actions.

  6. And on a side doesn't matter to me what Mare said. They are entitled to their opinion. It also doesn't change my opinion of them. Just because they didn't approve of my actions, I am not going to go sulk in the corner! I still enjoy their blog and will continue to check in daily! :)

  7. thoughts exactly and I was going to post something very similar to what you have written. I take alone my actions and I feel no regret in what I did. I also plan on giving them NO more of my money and when I saw this chance to let them so many displeasure at their actions I took it.
    I will not continue on with that subject because I'm not going to express something I don't feel and that is guilt and trepidation. I will however comment on this, I loath that OT thread that EA has decided to taunt us with, it's a slap in the face putting up an OT thread that is not even from the mouths of the actual members. It was supposed to start off with members saying, or I should say, giving their input on what the topics would be and now it's whatever products EA is trying to sale. It's an absolute farce this OT thread and yet another slap in the face is the fact that the very next day they can ban someone for being off topic. I grew up hearing and learning, not do as I say and not what I do, but do as I say because I too lead by example. Hypocrisy is the word that EA is delivering with their OT thread, while banning for saying, doing or posting anything OT.
    I do enjoy reading the Mare and will continue to read it as I do every morning along with the many blogs that I have grown quite attached too. I enjoy this. Vid you should feel no guilt over this whatsoever. Your hands did not type the comments that were wrote on that thread, you did not post the pictures that others did. You say it was your idea and you prompted others to join in your rebellion and I say to that..."Hogwash" didn't twist my arm and MAKE me do one solitary thing. I have expressed my displeasure with EA several times on my site and will continue to do so justly, yet still have the common sense to know when I can have my voice heard without suffering the steady and frequent swing of the banhammer.
    I take responsibility for MY actions and I do not apologize for one solitary thing.
    Hugz to you Vidster!
    Do you think EA loses sleep over their actions towards us, regrets the wrongs they have committed...hell to the no! If they did, a lot of old names would be on the site and those like Jarsie9 would be extinct! :)
    We did no more than hoist and carry our picket signs on the OT thread.

  8. I's long...I get that way sometimes. :)

  9. Vid, don't you dare blame yourself! I knew there would be repercussions from that. I was expecting them, I was especially expecting people to come against me. After Sunday :/ And I don't care that I'm banned, I was barely on the forums as it was! And you told me to watch the OT thread, you said NOTHING about me joining in, but I did. And that one's totally on me.
    Mares didn't like it. Big whoop-de-whoop. Their opinion isn't the only one. Tbh, I think little 'nobodies' opinions matter more. The people who's blogs aren't everyone's first stop when coming onto the internet. The people who are there just to ENJOY playing a game we all love.
    I enojoyed it, there's nothing more to it than that. I needed a little enjoyment with everything that's going on, and so that was it. And I'm not gunna deal with everyone who thinks it was stupid, juvenile and immature. I just don't care what they think anymore. Most people have lost my good opinion of them, sorry to say. Not you, or anyone else that helped, and a few more besides. But a few have :(
    Anyways, hugzies! And don't get yersel' down over it. In the end, it was us that posted it. We took it upon ourselves to put our little fingers to the keys and type...


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