Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rebels flood the Wednesday OT thread!

It began with a normal OT moderator thread despite it being Wednesday:

But, that soon changed:
Bawhahaha! She stretch the page!
Did it end at this? Noo!
Kelle quoted Hippiedippie's breaking the next page!

Poor Simjett...
Anyway Poptwat tried to keep the so called OT thread on topic by ignoring them, but failed miserably. The next few pages was pretty same story with the introduction bagels and Cece!

(Got cut off. Said #3)
Aw thanks guys!
More page breaking post flooded the OT thread in honor of me and anyone who was ever banned innocently. Me not being able to post I watched from the sidelines.
Poptwat ended the thread early without even acknowledging the rebellion.
Still it was a epic win! Better luck next week....if is a next time!
Also if your pissed we hijacked your little OT thread, sorry...well not really!
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By the way I saw some hypocrites on that thread. I won't say any names, but if you don't like EA, why post in it. Just saying. 


  1. Yeah exactly. I don't care to join in those pathetic little OT threads.

  2. Lol! that was fun ^.^

    hey and if we got in trouble for going off topic in an off topic thread i woulda been like WTF MATE?????? LOL!

  3. That was awesome. And I will so be doing it again. I'm just hoping that they'll post the OT thread next week. More bagels and bananas if they do xD

    And ikr Kelle! They could give us in trouble, but if they did it wouldn't be...what's the word?...Justified. That's it. Like 'all' their other bans are. Sure, if they were ALL justified, we wouldn't be posting bananas and bagels, now would we!

  4. LOL yet again, I miss everything. I really HAVE stopped paying attention to that place...maybe I should go back...o_O

  5. Grrrrrr!!!! If only I wasn't banned! How come you can post Blaziken?

  6. i almost feel sorry for poptwat. she gets told by the higher ups to do this thing and she gets harassed and mocked. i can just see her face all red and storming out of the forum. probably had some choice words for her boss too lol

  7. I can post cause I didn't get banned :) A wonder that, it really is...

  8. Don't feel bad Cel, I just happened to be on cstyles and went to the bs box and kelle and vid were in their acting up. Of course...once I found out what was up I had to put my 2cents in!! So much fun, and I agree...even though I did 'somewhat' participate in the Friday off topic thread on Wednesday...Lol!!...It was soooo well worth it! But other than that...I have absolutely NO craving to participate in that stupid hypocrisy. should have been there girl!!

  9. Wait a minute! Why are thay mentioning our wallets! This obviously is a sign!



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