Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Please stop the drama!

A lot people are talking shit about me. I almost responded, but I deleted the original post. Would have just added to the fire. I have seen people call me two faced, drama queen, and basically saying I want attention on various chats boxes and blogs. I'm tired of it and no longer care. I have explained myself enough and I don't care if don't you like me. I'm not going jump hoops for anyone just so they can like me. I know how Mare Nest feels, endless people talking shit about them and they can't win for losing. Well this is me saying I will longer speak on the drama and longer respond to nasty shit people have to say about me. I don't know what is your problem, jealousy or just being ass holes, but get it together. Just stop it, because it won't make you famous and only leave you a lonely person. If this is how treat people in real life it will. I have made up and apologized to the people I wanted to apologize too. I'm done really. Blog about that if you will. Call me every name under the sun, but truthfully I'm too old to play these childish games and as long as have real friends it doesn't matter. This blog will continue to be what it was before and if your feelings get hurt too bad! I can't please everyone it seems. I found that out the hard way I guess. People talking about me behind my back, I'm dissapointed. You know who you are and I will not apologize to people who will be two faced to me.
The recent bullshit about me if your wondering told by AE:
And check the chat boxes for more stuff people were too afraid to say in my own chat boxes. See who the fakes are. I will not be responding to that shit, so check other people blogs for the drama if you want. Let's the drama die folks!
I accepted Amieezilla's apology. Just wanted you to know. It's over. Let it die!


  1. Very well said. Don't give them the satisfaction of a reply. :)

  2. This is why I'm always neutral in every situation lol I never have to pick sides and I stay friends with everyone!

    Sorry to hear about all this Vid ;(


  3. i also try to stay neutral, but somtimes these situations can be difficult to maneuver.. i have also had the experience of trying to stay neutral, and a friend got mad for not 'having her back' so to say. so it can be tricky ground when ppl you know and like are fighting

  4. So everything is now settled between the people ACTUALLY INVOLVED in this situation. I agree with the let it die approach.

    Pffft. Every female is a drama queen... And a gossip. Darn female bits.


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