Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haha! The toerag has fallen!

Figure I would spice up my title with a Mare word. Hehe. http://themaresnest.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/meanwhile-elsewhere/
Anyway I meant to mention this yesterday, but I thought I might have overwhelmed you with my many updates. XD

Anyway Mare kicked your ass! How that failure taste?
Just too bad that stupid dramantica page is still up with that bullshit about me and Mare! Well good riddance!
Good luck and lets hope you learned your lesson!
(Sorry for all the editing guys!)


  1. sadly ppl like him never learn their lesson. they are petty vindictive angry little people with a bone to pick with the entire world.

    he has been thwarted for now, but im sure he will just revice his tactics.. and cover his trail better in the future.

    i still believe, hes a very dangerous person, and ppl like him should never be taken lightly

  2. i edit a little. i hope he doesnt come back.

  3. but i could just be the suspicious sort lol. i dunno somthing about him really gives me the creepers

  4. ^^me too. when mentioning him i try to watch what i post. he's gone for now, but like u said who knos when he will be allowed back. :-/


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