Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Email, write letters, etc. if your fed up with EA! *updated*

As Mare saids don't write EA, write someone else about their lack of business. I'm hitting up all the popular gaming magazines and sites for now, till I can find more places to write to. If you want to write them, here are the links:



http://gameinformer.com/p/contactus.aspx -click select a news tip


Some people were looking for links like these so I will add more.
If this does anything, maybe EA will get their act together. It's no point in complaining about them on the site (at less you just want to annoy them, which is fun), but change tactics like Mare said!


  1. Wow, Are seriously going to hit up all these sites bitching about how "evil" EA is is, Psh, get a life.

  2. Go for it Vid, and yeah, I guess we WERE reading each others' minds! As soon as I feel up to it (been sick for a couple of days), I'm going to hit up some of these sites too.

    And to any cumswallowers who might have a problem with it, well, maybe THEY should get a life and stop trolling around on blogs that have nothing to do with them, and stop harassing motherfuckers that REALLY don't give a flying fuck WHAT they think. Do what you think is right Vid, and to hell with dumb motherfuckers who (a) can't spell or write correctly to save their sorry ass, pathetic ass, juvenile LIVES and (b) have no stake, interest, investment, or say-so in your life WHATSOFUCKINGEVER.

    ...Ever wish you could come face to face with some of those prick dicklickers and see if they'd say those things to you in person...? Ever wish they would so that you could just smack the SHIT out of them...?

  3. CelSera,I couldn't have said it better myself.
    There is alot of courage behind a computer.
    Anyway,I will be sending out complaints about the customer service,or lack there of by EA.
    I would hate to think that this is the end of the Sims series for me,but it may be.
    Thank you VK for the links.
    PS please don't hate on me for any typos or miss spells. lol
    Oh and to the first comment,If you had a life,would you have commented on VKs blog?
    My guess is ,NO.

  4. Thank you! I was waiting for someone to post a link to a website to complain to! :P What should we write? "EA banned a girl for posting thank you, and she can't get a refund for any of her EA accounts; among other atrocities"?

  5. Oh another Anonymous bitch! Thank you taking time out of you non-exsistent life to visit my website you useless fuck! Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't give a fuck what you think and I have a feeling who you are. Don't worry your 2nd perma ban will come soon bitch and I hope I'm the one pushing the report button! This is my blog and posting here was a mistake! I don't have a life. Who's the one reading my blog and posting, when you don''t even like me! Go away!
    Like Cel said, of course I would like to hit motherfuckers like him, but it wouldn't be worth it. Might hurt my hand on his fuck face!

  6. Ok as for everyone else, thanks and your welcome for the links. Write one good solid letter and send it. thats what i did. ^_^

  7. well i could post earlier because of a blogger issue :/
    but i went here and posted a complaint
    and i encourage others do as well. it would mean more if there were more voices. i cant be sure one letter will be taken very seriously.
    i just hope that organization can actualy do somthing

  8. A little late, but I found an 'official' link to use: http://www.bbb.org/us/ . I don't know if it can work 100%, though.


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