Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's happening at Sims Sanctuary you ask?

Yays!!!!! I can't wait! I was surpised! That forum is great by the way, check it out! *waves at Lady Em* I will be on there more often. Cece don't get jealous! You will get some advertisment next missy!


  1. Hi vidkid! Good to see you're doing fine. I'm looking for admins for fantasims3 and since you're interested in sims I was wondering if you wanted to join. You can post absolutely anything you want about the sims whenever. I'm hoping to grow a community so if you want to join add me to your contacts so I know.
    For more info there's a post about it on my blog. See you around!

  2. Not a jealous bone in my body! :)

  3. is that sarcastic cece? xD lol! love ya!

  4. No Kellebelle it was not sarcastic. I truly am not jealous,I'm not a jealous person. :)


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